Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Declaring Victory

Well, since my last post I've only lost an additional 2 pounds.  Then I gain it back.  Then I lose it.  Then I gain a pound back.  Then I lose that.

"Look into my eyes," says my reflection in the mirror.  "It's over, girl! This is it!"

So I've lost 74 pounds and it appears that the 75th will either come or it won't.  But I'm declaring victory - VICTORY - and I'm packing up my cannons and rifles, tucking away my dogtags, packing up my kit-bag and pinning a medal on my own little self.

A big THANK YOU to Dr. Neal Barnard for his books and his videos and his website - because he's the one responsible for bringing me back from the edge of Diabetes to a normal state once again.  And he's the one responsible for all the weight loss.  And he's the one responsible for saving the lives of all those animals I would have eaten had it not been for him.

And I'm way happy about all this.  I am healthier.  I feel better.   And even though I won't live forever I will at least live as well as I can until that "expiration date."

And a big THANK YOU to my few friends here who have stuck with me - at least you didn't totally abandon me while I was so absent these past several years.  And, frankly, I wonder about that because, in the final analysis, I'm a very uninteresting character even though I've done two or three interesting things in my life.  I'm no Jane Goodall, for sure.  And when I die I will be just another little old lady hardly worthy of mention as my belongings are gathered up and swept into the dustbin of forgotten time.  But until that time... I'm still here.  Still thinking.  Still wondering.  Still living.

I haven't been writing, however, even though a life beyond my own keeps parading through my head.  I keep telling myself to write it down.

I was looking through my notebook of the short stories I have written - and posted here.  And I read your comments after each one (which I also vainly printed out to keep).  And I told myself that I should maybe write again.  Surely I have SOMETHING to say.  Maybe just some little something?  Maybe?  And then I yawn and stretch and find myself feeling lazy once again.

Still..... that life beyond my own keeps passing through my head...

Thanks for your time.. the most precious gift of all.

~ AngelMay ~