Monday, June 1, 2015

Checking In

I'm still here.  Frankly, being lazy.  But always learning.  Always growing - as the name of this blog indicates.  As was said in "On Golden Pond".... I'm just trying to find my way.  It sometimes seems overwhelming.  There is so much wrong with this world - and with this country - that I often want to cocoon.  Just curl up into a little ball and forget about it all.

Probably, by now, you have all mostly forgotten about me - taken me off your list of blogs to visit.  And I have myself to blame.  My blog posts are not of the cutesy and sugary variety.  While I have a great sense of humor, I also tend to be quite serious.

I read enough "if you love your kids, share this!" and "pass this on if you love God/Friends/Daughter/Whoever."  Gah!  I hate those posts at Facebook and other places.    Enough with the treacly sweet!  We've got real problems out there.  We have people in trouble.  We have friends with cancer.  We have people out of work.  We have under-funded schools.  We have police shooting unarmed citizens.  We have a government that's forgotten who they are supposed to represent.   We have people living in the streets.

And I see all this....
Yes.  I see all this.

So....checking in.  Still out here.  Still alive.  Still on my vegan diet.  Doctor thrilled with me.  Diabetes completely reversed.  Cholesterol down.  I've lost 72 pounds and counting.

Hoping all of you are healthy and happy.
Thanks for your time.

~ AngelMay ~