Sunday, November 23, 2014

Holiday Rant

Ok.... I'm sick.  Got a cold or something else that is trying its damnedest to kill me so I already felt pretty icky when I saw this ... THING.

The caption beneath the photo said:

"If you're looking for a Gluten Free, Vegetarian Turkey for next week, try this Rice Krispy Treat turkey stuff with M&M's. Everybody's happy."

No, this is not a post about a vegetarian or vegan T-day repast.  Read the caption again.  See it?  No?  Read it again!  See it now?

Argh!  I'm sick!  And here I have to deal with the apparent death of the past tense.  Yes!  It has been gutted.  Ignored.  Stabbed.  Tossed into the "who cares" bin along with the proper use of "then" and "than" and the continued misspelling of "separate" and "millennium."

Enough of this already!  The turkey - if a rice crispy abomination can be called a turkey - is stuffed with M&Ms.  It is not "stuff" with M&Ms.

Well, maybe it actually is stuff with M&Ms.  It's some kind of stuff,  that's for sure.  But not in the context of the irritatingly wrong sentence.  In that context it is stuffed with M&Ms.

Either learn to use the past tense or die.  I'm watching you...  
Yes... I'm watching.... watch......wa......ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzZZZZZ

I was NOT zzzzz sleeping zzzzz

Thanks for your ti....zzzz



The Silver Fox said...

Amazing. I just read the teaser of a New York Times article, which said: "How Barack Obama ended up embracing the executive overreach he once campaign against" Not campaigned, campaign. Sheesh!

AngelMay said...

The English language is dying right before our eyes.

The Silver Fox said...

Don't you mean "eye's?" (LOVE this new trend of making words plural by adding an apostrophe before the S. Yeah, right.)

AngelMay said...

Argh! :)

e said...

Are you doing okay? I understand the grief thing--more than a lot in the last two years...Take Care.

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