Thursday, October 16, 2014

Reporting In

Time to report in.
It is I - AngelMay!
I thought maybe I should identify myself because I doubt you would recognize me if I didn't.  It all began last October when I was on the verge of diabetes and had skyrocketing cholesterol.  It all started with this book:

And then with this book:

And from these two books and online talks by this wonderful man I began a year-long journey that is not over yet.

As I said, I was on the verge of diabetes and was taking the drug "metformin" and also "lipitor" to lower cholesterol.  I was taking these drugs on a doctor's advice while still eating all the things that got me into that mess in the first place.  I even attended a group sponsored at the hospital for pre-diabetics where I was handed "diet" material that included milk at every meal and meat and cheese and all the things that had put me in my heavy fix.

By heavy fix, I don't exaggerate.  I was on the verge of being competition for a Cincinnati Bengals' linebacker.  So I attended the hospital's program and I tried eating their diet.  It was so much trouble and left a person exceedingly hungry at the same time that it simply wasn't worth it.  Not only that, but as I have learned since, their dietary recommendations simply will not make much of a difference.

Enter Dr. Neal Barnard, stage center.  This man has literally saved my life - though he doesn't actually know it.  His books were straightforward and made so much sense that I was convinced.  I decided to give it a try - which is all he asks.  Just try it.  If you don't like it, you can always go back to eating artery-clogging milk, meat, eggs, and cheese.  But try it.  Just try it for a month or six weeks.  That's really nothing in the long scheme of things.

OK.  I'll try it, I says to myself.  And I did.

I got rid of all dairy products - no milk, no cheese, no eggs.  I got rid of all meat.  And I loaded up on veggies - all kinds of veggies.  And beans.  And grains.  And fruit.  And I didn't have to count anything.  No counting carbs.  No counting calories.  No counting!  PLUS - you can eat all you want. No more rationing portion sizes.  When you eat a vegan diet you can eat until you pop.  You actually won't, but you COULD.  It's the easiest diet on the planet.

When you eat a Vegan diet, you are not actually ON a diet.  There is a difference between being on a diet and eating a particular diet.  "Diet" is also a noun, you know, as well as a verb.  No "verb" diets going on here.  Just the Vegan diet - a whole, easy, healthy way of eating.

So I tried it.  Sincerely.  No cheating.  Just do it.

And you know what happened?  Pounds and pounds and pounds literally began falling off me.  And I was never hungry.  My personal physician sent me for blood tests after I had been eating this way for about 6 months and my blood tests came back NORMAL.

I was no longer on the verge of diabetes.  I no longer needed lipitor to lower cholesterol.  I stopped taking all prescription medications.  The weight loss made me feel lighter and better and able to do things I hadn't been able to do in years - like go for a long walk or a brisk bike-ride.

I recently went into a store and bought some jeans (no way to try them on in this particular store so I guessed at the size).  I bought a size smaller than I used to wear.  Came home.  Tried them on.  They swallowed me up!  I went back and bought two pair.  One the next size smaller and a second pair even smaller than those.  The second pair was the one that fit.  Took the bigger pair back.

And now, my lovelies, that second pair is getting too big for me.  I'm no longer too big for my britches - My britches are too big for me!

I have lost approximately SIXTY (count 'em 1-2-3-4-5-6-7....45-46-47....52-53-54....59-60!) POUNDS!  That's the approximate weight of FIVE full gallons of paint.  Go to a paint store and try to lift 5 gallons of paint.  Dare ya.  They are HEAVY - and that's what I was carrying around with me every minute of every day - everywhere I went - without exception.

All of this has happened in just 12 months of reading Dr. Barnard's books and acting on his advice.  Twelve months.  And I'm not done yet.  I have 15 more pounds I'd like to shed.  With any luck I'll make it by mid-January.

I post this today not to brag on what I have done - but to demonstrate that it CAN be done.  You CAN clean out your arteries.  You CAN lower your cholesterol.  You CAN be healthy naturally - without the horrid (and hair-raising, if you read 'em) side-effects of prescription medications.  It's possible!

I can't praise Dr. Barnard's books - or him - high enough.  His advice works.
I've done it.  You can do it, too.

Thanks for your time...