Thursday, January 9, 2014

Spelling/Grammar Lesson #4

Grammar/Spelling Lesson #4:    “Then” and “Than”

Listen up!  Those who do not learn this one will be shot.  Survivors will be lined up and shot again.  Twice.  With licorice spitballs.

There is a HUGE difference between the words “then” and “than.”  HUGE.  BIG.  ENORMOUS! 

“Then” refers to a period of time.  “Then” = “at that time.”
“Then” also can mean “in that case.”

“If it doesn’t rain, THEN (in that case) we will go on a picnic.”
“If AngelMay shoots me, THEN (in that case/at that time) I will call the police.”
“The police THEN (at that time) may actually show up to save me.”

“Than” is generally used as a comparison or a contrast. 

“I like the blue one better THAN the red one.”
 “An elephant is bigger THAN a mouse.”
“Getting shot by AngelMay is easier THAN I thought it would be.”

NEVER put the word “THEN” in any of those sentences – or you will be shot, drawn, and quartered – not necessarily in that order.  Calling the police will not help you.  Because by THEN I will have reloaded rather THAN waiting around, aimlessly, to be arrested.  So don't make me have to do this. I hate licorice!

So there you have it.  If you learn this, THEN I will be very happy with you.
And I’d much rather be very happy with you THAN unhappy with you.  Got it?

High Five!  Fist Bump!  Butt Bump!  Smooch!

~ AngelMay ~


Brian Miller said... shoot people?
i think i got this one....

AngelMay said...

Only figuratively. Or with licorice spitballs.
But not knowing the difference between "then" and "than" is a shootin' offense, cowboy!

The Silver Fox said...

I love these.

The Silver Fox said...

I'd love it even more if I could subscribe to follow-up comments.

AngelMay said...

Fox, I don't know how to have you do that. Can you explain for me?

The Silver Fox said...

Some blogger set-ups have a place to do that that shows up automatically. Not sure how do do it for yours. :(