Wednesday, April 3, 2013

No Matter Where You Go... There You Are!

Well, as they say....
No matter where you go, there you are.
And, as it happens...  I'm here!


I've given up my Pacific Northwest views of snow-capped mountains and shipping lanes carrying ships through the strait to the Pacific Ocean for a humble little house in Sunny Sonoma County California with its vast blue skies dotted with puffy white clouds and rolling hills of orderly, luscious grape vines.

Almost before getting moved in we were treated to a sight that seems to be common here:  The beautiful and colorful balloons that float silently above the towns and fields.

Could there be a more lovely or peaceful sight?

Seems like a lovely way to see the area.
Perhaps I'll have to take a ride myself one of these days.

Maybe I would even be treated to the fabulous sight of the State Flower.
Have you ever seen anything so brilliantly happy in your life?  This little flower is almost overwhelming in its unabashed in-your-face here-I-am presentation of uninhibited beauty.

Yummy!  Gorgeous!  Wonderful!  Can't feel anything but happy looking at this flower.

How much happier looking at entire fields of them?

Here, we find ourselves not far from the gorgeous California coast where we can easily spend the day and be home before dark.

We are, also, only an hour and a half from "The Bridge" and "The City" as they are known here.
How gorgeous is that?

Far enough from "The City" to have rolling hills and rural beauty but close enough to go if the humor ever strikes.  Restaurants, shops, and glorious organic produce are found in abundance here.

I have discovered a place called Oliver's Market - filled with wonderful organically-grown produce.
I love being able to buy just a small amount of this or a tad of that instead of having to purchase pre-packaged bundles and bags of things that will go bad before we can use them all up.

And OMGosh!  I've even found guavas in this store!  Can you believe it?  I hadn't had a guava since I left Florida many years ago.  True, the guava that I found here was not the big yellow one with the pink center.  Instead, it was small and greenish-yellow with a white center.  But it smelled like a guava and it tasted nearly as good.  A nice memory - and longing fulfilled.

Speaking of Florida - and of the South - from whence I sprang forth into this world and where I grew up and, mostly, became who I am....

This move to California has fulfilled more longings for sunny skies, palm trees, oleander bushes, and other things Southern than I can tell you.   Take a look at this house (wonderful, but not my house, unfortunately):

If this doesn't look like it could be in any town in the South, I don't know what does.  Almost every Southern town has, a few streets over from the Courthouse - which always seems to be in the center - rows of old homes that look very much like this one.

How can I not love California?

31 March 2013
(All photos borrowed without the slightest remorse from the internet.)

PS - Where IS everyone?