Thursday, December 1, 2011

Theme Thursday: Inside

Such a lovely word:  Inside.
It’s where you yearn to be when it’s raining or snowing or just really cold outside.

The warmth of the lights from the windows through which can be seen all the happy friends and families gathered to decorate the tree and share in food and laughter.

Snug and safe against the world of dangers that lurk “out there.”

Heaven when you are cold.
Heaven when you are homeless.

Heaven when you are friendless.
Heaven when you are standing in the dark looking in.

Heaven when you are always outside.



Brian Miller said...

i imagine it is for many...i love it outside...even lived outside for a whole year once...but then came inside...smiles.

Sub-Radar-Mike said...

Too true, inside has such a safe connotation.

Gloria said...

I love,I love Angel May:) when I read you sometimes is like I knew you:)
nice words Angel May:)

Gloria said...

Maybe sometimes the words are exactly like we feel:)

Janice said...

I treasure the inside, my safe haven; but I love the excitement of the outside and need a fix of that on a regular basis. And then I can go back inside until I am moved, once again, to venture out into the unknown.

Jinksy said...

'Outside looking in' can apply to life, as well as home sometimes, I think...At least for us bods who tend to feel like the 'odd one out' quite often ! LOL ♥

AngelMay said...

Jinksy - it seems as though I've always been the odd one out. Sometimes I think people have no idea how painful it can be to always be on the outside looking in.

Gloria said...

I know this Angelmay, is hurt:) sometimes we really know a bite of others..

AngelMay said...

Hi Gloria - thanks for all your nice comments. You are lovely!

AngelMay said...

Hi Janice (waving at you)!

Janice said...

Wow! What are you doing in Sonoma County? I am in Santa Rosa.

AngelMay said...

Hey Janice! We are down here looking around. Thinking about moving to this area - but have to sell our present house first. Maybe we could meet one day while we are here. Tomorrow we have to go down to Redwood City - our friend is in the hospital and we are going back and forth to see him.

Janice said...

Hi AngelMay!

For whatever reason, I didn't get your email so I am glad you covered all the bases to let me know what's going on with your Sonoma County visit. This is a great area in which to live; I grew up here and came back after living in several other places. A meeting in the future would be great fun!

rebecca said...

When inside is out of reach, it is then we realize how important it is to the survival of our bodies and mind. Thoughtful post.

AngelMay said...

Janice check your junk email - your ISP may think I'm sending junk because it doesn't recognize me. I used the email address on your blog to mail you. You can email me too at if you would like to.

Mrsupole said...

It is funny when driving by houses at night when you can see inside and it usually looks so comfortable and cozy and makes you want to get home to your house and get inside even more. But mostly when you have been on a trip for a few weeks and you come inside your home and you just want to collapse with joy for being home at last.

Great poem about the inside in so many ways. Thanks for playing in this weeks Theme Thursday. Hope you have as much fun with next weeks new theme.

God bless.

zongrik said...

so many wonderful things inside