Monday, November 21, 2011

A Word of Praise for Perfection

It isn't something we are used to seeing.  But when it comes along, unexpected, we are given pause - even taken aback - and find ourselves in stunned silence for that single eye-opening moment.

This happened to me with, of all things, the humble soup spoon.  What you see in the photo above is a place setting of my own tableware:  Variations V by Dansk.  I chose it for its elegant simplicity for I'm a form-follows-function kinda gal.  There are no ornate carvings and patterns within which to catch bits of food that will turn into a cleaning nightmare once dried.   These are just the finest, smooth stainless steel eating utensils.

And yet...
And yet they are not just ordinary eating utensils.  I learned this the first time I dipped into a bowl of soup with this spoon and placed it in my mouth.  As I drew the spoon from my mouth I became aware of the spoon itself.  Who does that?  Who ever thinks about a soup spoon?  I certainly had never thought about it before.  But this - this amazing tool - was not just a soup spoon.  It was a miracle of design though you'd never know it just by looking.  It FELT amazing in the mouth.  It FELT like silk.  It was smooth and perfectly shaped.  There is no sharp edge.  There is just a smooth continuation from the bowl of the thing to its edge.  It is beveled into a perfection of form that I had never experienced in a spoon, of all things.

I found myself thinking about the spoon.  I found myself actually looking at the spoon - amazed.  Wow.... I thought to myself.  I took another bite.  Silk!

I've owned this tableware for about 15 years now and I never take a bite from these spoons that I don't marvel at them...  That I don't notice them... That I don't think of them. 

Sometimes it's right there under our nose.
In the design of a humble soup spoon.


 *Just need to add a note:  I'm speaking here of the original flatware - not the current product which is made in china.  If you are moved to ever try this flatware, do try to locate some of the original pieces made in Scandinavia, Japan, or Korea.  I understand the later version made in China is an inferior product.  And that is a shame.


Brian Miller said...

that is actually really cool...and has to be neat to feel that way every time...

AngelMay said...

And, Brian, it was pretty surprising. Who ever expects to pay particular attention to a soup spoon? :)

Janice said...

Ah, perfection...I love it when it rarely creeps into my life.

Sub-Radar-Mike said...

Simple, effective, and user friendly... I'd say that's the perfect spoon too.

The Silver Fox said...

It's amazing when a post on such a subject stays interesting throughout. What is written about is not as important as who does the writing.

Baino said...

I love simple design but your soup spoons are very different to the European (which we adopt) spoons.. Ours are very rounded and not so 'comfortable' to use.