Thursday, November 24, 2011

Theme Thursday: Tomorrow

Yesterday - Today - Tomorrow

At any moment in our lives we can look back, over our shoulders, at all the yesterdays we have experienced.  We can recall, often with great clarity, the things we did and the feelings we felt and the people we knew.  Sometimes we have photographs that prove we were there and that we lived and experienced those things we recall.

We can look at today and know how we will use it, if our plans are played out as we hope they will be.  We can mold it. We can share it and taste it.  We can simply wander through it with no plan at all.  We can even take photographs of ourselves doing the living of it.  We can use it up however we please to do.  And then we wave it good-bye as it becomes our most recent yesterday and we turn forward toward tomorrow.

But -

In one split-second, at midnight, tomorrow shoots 24 hours away from our grasp like a frightened squid leaving before us a dark, inky cloud and we find ourselves facing yet another today.

No matter how many yesterdays we have already experienced and piled up behind us it becomes clear that we have, to use as we will, only today.  This day.  Today.

We will never have tomorrow. Tomorrow is always just out of our reach.  Tomorrow is to dream about and wonder about.  Tomorrow is to imagine.  No one has photographs of tomorrow.

Tomorrow never comes.
Today is all we will ever have - one long endless today.
What will we do with it?



Brian Miller said...

true that angelmay...we only have today and will never catch tomorrow so i hope you have a great today....smiles.

4U2 said...

Sure, you're right that we learn of "yesterday" and live today. Tomorrow we can influence by what we learned yesterday and what we do today.
Our children learn from us and, as you wrote to me, that is why it is so important that we teach them to live as there will be "tomorrow" for they and their children too!

Lo said...

What a beautiful, shimmering, delicate truth you have spun.

You made me think of time a bit differently........thanks.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Love the image of "a frightened squid"! Very descriptive!

The Silver Fox said...

F tomorrow anyway.

Just sayin'. :)

WV is hyment. Not gonna go there.

AngelMay said...

LOL Fox. Might just as well. It never comes near enough to slap. But we can wave at it with the middle finger if we are so disposed.

hvninhell said...

Today is just how it should be! Live in the now. Nice, truthful piece!

Gloria said...

Love this postn ANgelMay and I love how you write:) you are really smart:)

Gloria said...

Im following you I enjoy your blog:)

zongrik said...

No one has photographs of tomorrow. -> i like htat

Janice said...

So true, AngelMay.

Kris said...

I always like an old hole in a wall.

Mrsupole said...

We only have today to use as we will. Each time I read this I see something new. So much truth to read and reread.

Great take on Tomorrow, thanks for playing TT.

God bless.

Alan Burnett said...

How fascinating : and I know what you mean. I sometimes wonder what my photographs taken today will look like when seen from tomorrow (whether that be ten or fifty years ahead) and I can't. Perhaps we can never know yesterday just as we can never know tomorrow,