Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hey! Hi! Yoo-Hoo! Here I Am!

Didn't recognize me, didja? Well, I'm not surprised. I've been in the dental chair getting two new implants. Ouch! Two uppers in the back. Double Ouch!

Everything went fine and no pain at all afterward - until now, that is. Today feeling very touchy in the roof of my mouth. Maybe it's healing. OMG, I hope it's healing!

I had this done on Tuesday so this next Tuesday will be a whole week - and that's when I get the stitches out. Ouch! Again.

Today was very difficult eating. The roof of my mouth above the implants has become very touchy and is giving me fits right now. But let me tell you, this is worth it.

I already have two implants on the bottom of the other side of my mouth and, believe me, people should be born with these things. They don't hurt. They don't rot. They just sit there behaving themselves and chewing good stuff like ... steak! Yeah! Steak! Or crunching on a chilly little salad with carrots and cucumbers! Yum!

Can't wait till I'm all healed and feeling in the pink once again.