Friday, August 19, 2011

Spendin' Money: All Revealed

If you haven't read it, read the last post first for background here.

Then....Since you asked.... ;o)

As I said (in the last post).... there I was scrolling down the pages and then I saw "IT". And here "IT" is:

Can you see why I had to have it? Isn't it gorgeous?

I can't believe I got it for five dollars. Well... lucky me, I did. And it wasn't smashed or broken. And now it sits on my vanity awaiting my every touch on its silky black surface...and is filled with my moisturizing cream. Just because.

And then when that other package arrived containing the small amount of perfume in a very lovely bottle that I had wanted.. and I took a sniff and fell in love....

I ended up buying this (but not for five dollars, I can assure you!):

Then I bought more. (Ha! I do not want to run out until the day after I die.)

This is truly heaven in a bottle. Made in 1937 by Paul Vacher of the house of Le Galion which is no more. One reviewer that I happened upon while trying to learn about this fragrance said that it was an unmistakable reference to Chanel No. 5. She goes on to say that she is "struck by its sexy intensity, yet it never overwhelms.... This lady knows how to keep a secret to herself. Even one drop lasts for many hours of pleasure. It's one of the most light-infused of all the classic scents I have ever smelled, and somehow it's never too 'bright' or intrusive in the way of other more modern floral bouquet perfumes. This is one of the fragrances that most represents classic French perfumery.... effortless beauty and chic with a warm heart and a little mystery for good measure. For many people the ultimate is Chanel No. 5, but just give me Sortil├Ęge."

You can find the review here if you are interested:

I must agree. I have Chanel No. 5 - yet I much prefer this scent. As I said in my last post, you put it on and suddenly you are just in love with yourself. That's a pretty heady feeling if I do say so myself. At the moment, my Joy is taking a back seat to this "newcomer" on my pink crystal vanity tray. And the most amazing thing about it is that you don't even have to wait until dry-down to be enchanted by it. You start off enchanted from the second it hits your skin ... and you stay that way all the way through to dry-down and for hours afterward.

This particular scent was "adopted" by the Stork Club in NYC and was given as gifts to their patrons.

Wiki says:

Owner Billingsley was well-known for his extravagant gifts presented to his favorite patrons, spending an average of $100,000 a year on them. They included compacts studded with diamonds and rubies, French perfumes, champagne and other liquors, and even automobiles.

Many of the gifts were specially made for the Stork club, with the club's name and logo on them. Some of the best known examples were the gifts of Sortilege perfume by Le Galion.

Well, if it was good enough for the Stork Club, it's good enough for me.

Actually, I had never heard of it until my little nearly-empty bottle arrived and I smelled it and put it on and then began doing research on it. Most people today have probably never heard of it. But I can tell you than I'm awfully glad I found it. I'm glad there was a Le Galion and a Paul Vacher with the talent to invent it.

I've had a hard and upsetting past few months and if spending this money on myself makes me feel better then what the heck! It's my money and sometimes I just feel like going a little bit crazy.

And one of the best parts (besides smelling divine) is that almost no one else will be wearing this fragrance. It's mine! All mine! My Precious....



Brian Miller said...

smiles. cool find angel...and i am glad you can spend a bit on yourself after hard months...

Megan said...

That. Is. Awesome.

Janice said...

Wonderful. I wish I could have a sniff of that delicious sounding scent. And, yes, treat yourself!

Lo said...

Dear Girl.......(I somehow missed this post the other day)
I DO remember Sortillege though I do not recall if I ever smelled it. I am so glad you were able to get yourself a stock.

My favorite scent was also my Mother's...Caron's Narcisse Noir (Black Narcissus)....thank heaven they still make it, though the most recent bottle did not seem to have quite the right punch.

I also love Bellodgia another oldie. This will kill you.....On my first trip to Paris in 1952 I was able to bring back 4 ounce bottles of PERFUME not Toilette Water.....My favorite above,and Joy, for the outrageous sum of $35.00 per 4 oz. bottle.

Thanks for this trip down memory lane. And enjoy your treasures.

By the way I LOVE the jar!

AngelMay said...

Thirty five dollars for a 4 oz. bottle??? OMG. Outrageous! I have not smelled Narcisse Noir but it sounds dark and sexy to me. I have also discovered another discontinued scent: Balenciaga's Quadrille. It's nice and light for summer.

Yes - isn't that jar just the neatest thing? I have NO idea where it came from or for what, perhaps, humble original purpose it was created, but I do just love it. It's just so sophisticated. I love it. The lid, however, had some tiny (really tiny) chipping going on so I got AngelSpouse to fix it. Apparently he does something like sandpaper down the glass to a smooth finish. Worked great.

I'm having a really good time treating myself to goodies but, alas, it must come to an end or I will be broke. But what fun for a while....!

AngelMay said...

And by the way... I still love my JOY. :)