Friday, August 19, 2011

Spendin' Money: All Revealed

If you haven't read it, read the last post first for background here.

Then....Since you asked.... ;o)

As I said (in the last post).... there I was scrolling down the pages and then I saw "IT". And here "IT" is:

Can you see why I had to have it? Isn't it gorgeous?

I can't believe I got it for five dollars. Well... lucky me, I did. And it wasn't smashed or broken. And now it sits on my vanity awaiting my every touch on its silky black surface...and is filled with my moisturizing cream. Just because.

And then when that other package arrived containing the small amount of perfume in a very lovely bottle that I had wanted.. and I took a sniff and fell in love....

I ended up buying this (but not for five dollars, I can assure you!):

Then I bought more. (Ha! I do not want to run out until the day after I die.)

This is truly heaven in a bottle. Made in 1937 by Paul Vacher of the house of Le Galion which is no more. One reviewer that I happened upon while trying to learn about this fragrance said that it was an unmistakable reference to Chanel No. 5. She goes on to say that she is "struck by its sexy intensity, yet it never overwhelms.... This lady knows how to keep a secret to herself. Even one drop lasts for many hours of pleasure. It's one of the most light-infused of all the classic scents I have ever smelled, and somehow it's never too 'bright' or intrusive in the way of other more modern floral bouquet perfumes. This is one of the fragrances that most represents classic French perfumery.... effortless beauty and chic with a warm heart and a little mystery for good measure. For many people the ultimate is Chanel No. 5, but just give me Sortil├Ęge."

You can find the review here if you are interested:

I must agree. I have Chanel No. 5 - yet I much prefer this scent. As I said in my last post, you put it on and suddenly you are just in love with yourself. That's a pretty heady feeling if I do say so myself. At the moment, my Joy is taking a back seat to this "newcomer" on my pink crystal vanity tray. And the most amazing thing about it is that you don't even have to wait until dry-down to be enchanted by it. You start off enchanted from the second it hits your skin ... and you stay that way all the way through to dry-down and for hours afterward.

This particular scent was "adopted" by the Stork Club in NYC and was given as gifts to their patrons.

Wiki says:

Owner Billingsley was well-known for his extravagant gifts presented to his favorite patrons, spending an average of $100,000 a year on them. They included compacts studded with diamonds and rubies, French perfumes, champagne and other liquors, and even automobiles.

Many of the gifts were specially made for the Stork club, with the club's name and logo on them. Some of the best known examples were the gifts of Sortilege perfume by Le Galion.

Well, if it was good enough for the Stork Club, it's good enough for me.

Actually, I had never heard of it until my little nearly-empty bottle arrived and I smelled it and put it on and then began doing research on it. Most people today have probably never heard of it. But I can tell you than I'm awfully glad I found it. I'm glad there was a Le Galion and a Paul Vacher with the talent to invent it.

I've had a hard and upsetting past few months and if spending this money on myself makes me feel better then what the heck! It's my money and sometimes I just feel like going a little bit crazy.

And one of the best parts (besides smelling divine) is that almost no one else will be wearing this fragrance. It's mine! All mine! My Precious....


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Spendin' Money

Ha! Betcha you didn't think you would ever see me again, huh? Fooled ya, I did!

Is it possible to be so bored that you just decide to spend money? Whether bored or no, I've been spending money like I had a printing press. Just little stuff. Stuff other people don't want. I know they don't want it because they have put it up for sale on eBay for foolish people like me to come along and buy it.

I have found all manner of lovely little doo-dads. I'm a sucker for little bottles and jars and now I have a drawer full of them. I also have a lovely new vanity tray and some salt and pepper shakers. I have a wonderful green bottle and a brown bottle (those will go into the kitchen) and a sterling silver bell. The bell will go beside my bed so that I can summon help in an emergency - like needing my back scratched.

I have a new old sugar shaker that works just fine for sprinkling sugar on strawberries and I have a second pair of salt shakers that I ended up with after I changed my mind and no one else would bid on the damned things.

Then there was The Jar.

I was scrolling down the pages - page after page - looking for vanity jars when suddenly I spied "it." OMG! It was lovely. It was enticing. It was smooth, black glass with a lift-off lid of the same smooth black glass. I was in love. I started to drool. This was something special. This was no ordinary jar. This was magic. Black magic. I began to shake. I must have that jar, I thought. I must! I looked at the price and my jaw dropped. What's the matter with this seller?, I wondered. Is she daft? She was asking $5.00 for the most wonderful jar on the planet in an immediate buy-it-now transaction. I could scarcely contain myself. I would have paid a hundred! My heart was beating (and a damned good thing, that, too) and my head was spinning. I carefully moved the mouse over the "buy it" button - and pressed! It's mine! MINE!

For days I worried that it would arrive broken or smashed (there's a difference?). But the gods were with me. It now graces my vanity and I love it still. Who says love at first sight doesn't last?

Then, one afternoon one of my other packages arrived. (It's been like Christmas every day for the past two weeks - and all for ME! - because I'm worth it...) I opened it to find several miniature perfume bottles with partially-used contents. I had just wanted the bottles, but I decided to give the perfume a sniff before dumping it all. One of them was like pulling the stopper on heaven. I think I've never smelled anything quite so wonderful in my life. I put some on. Oh. My. God. In love again.

I had thought no fragrance would ever enchant me quite as much as Joy. But this one did. And the most wonderful thing about it - besides it making you fall in love with your own self when you put it on - is that it is long discontinued. Created in the 1930's - oh my. The 1930's must have been a fabulous time - assuming you didn't lose everything you had in 1929. But today, that wonderful house is no more - long gone. Lucky for me, there are still bottles of this fragrance to be had if you keep an eye open. And I've been buying it up like the well is going to run dry any minute. And who knows? It might! So I'm after a life-time supply - and, at my age, that is not all that much I can tell you.

But HA! I know you are wondering what this fabulous fragrance might be - but it shall remain my little secret for the moment. You see... I have a bid in on another bottle and I just don't want the competition. It is my precious....

Besides... I need to get it now before I run out of money. And, if the stock market treats me tomorrow as badly as it did today, perfume may be all I'm wearing for quite some time.

Here's lookin' atcha.