Saturday, March 5, 2011

Deadliest Sea

AngelMay's Rating: 4.8 Stars

This is the exciting, true story of a factory fishing trawler in the Alaska seas - Bering Strait - and the brave people of the Coast Guard who rescued them when their ship suddenly began taking on water and sank in the icy, 20-foot wave seas.

This is an excellent read. The names are real. The events are real. A wonderful job by the author of pulling everything together for an informative and exciting experience for the reader.



Brian Miller said...

nice...and it does not get too bogged down in details?

AngelMay said...

No... just enough details. You are introduced to the people involved and learn about safety precautions on the ships (which are not always followed). I learned a lot reading this very interesting book. I think you might enjoy it.

AngelMay said...

It's very "readable."

Janice said...

Sounds like a good read as I enjoy true stories.