Sunday, December 5, 2010

Silver Fox Decorates Tree!

Breaking News!
Spied this weekend through frosty windows, that ever elusive Silver Fox decorating his holiday tree!

Wait a minute! Hold the phone!
Izzat Skip? Izzat Skip decorating the Fox's tree?

Film at 11.



Brian Miller said... of them...of course...smiles. nice capture...

The Silver Fox said...

I'm not saying, but I have been known to wear a cape, on occasion...!

Betsy said...

I'd recognize that cape anywhere!

Sandra Leigh said...

Well, that answers my question. If Blogger is working for you, it should be working for me, but it isn't. Maybe I have to go try another computer.

That is a stunning cape, by the way.

Baino said...

Ha a superhero tree, sweet. They're every where those two

Mmm said...

It's not Skip, def. SF! Hahaha. Love it!