Monday, October 11, 2010

Sweet Distractions

Well, it arrived. My new sewing cabinet. Isn't it a beauty? It's sitting where my computer desk used to be.

The computer desk has been moved to where the china cabinet used to be.

The china cabinet has been moved to an available space along the living room wall where a teak secretary used to be.

The teak secretary was moved into my bedroom. Isn't buying new furniture fun?

A new computer desk is on order and, I hope, on its way to me as I type. So I have no photos - as yet - of the new computer desk.

But here is the sewing cabinet opened:

You will notice at the lower left a fuzzy person getting ready to jump up and check it all out and generally cause as much trouble as possible.

And yes, that is my new sewing COMPUTER sitting right up there like the Queen of the May. I'm still in the admiring stage. Soon, I will have to break down and actually sew something.

So yeah, I've been distracted lately.
Oh! And I also ordered a wireless mouse for my computer because my good friend Sandra has one and I was jealous.

Thanks for stopping by.



Brian Miller said...

al of that came out of that? oh my..thats like a transformer...very nice...yeah you know about cats and curiousity...smiles.

otin said...

You are playing musical furniture. I know about moving furniture around, lately!

The Silver Fox said...

Congratulations on your high-tech sewing machine.

Just noticed the photo of Katie Hepburn. Loved that woman! And she had great legs, btw.

Janice said...

Fancy! And I love the "fuzzy person" checking it all out. Don't they always... I adore that curiousity trait that is so wonderfully cat.

AngelMay said...

I love all you people.
Thanks for coming by and commenting on something as utterly boring as a sewing machine. ;o)

The Silver Fox said...

Silly rabbit, how can a sewing computer be boring? And Katie Hepburn was anything but boring!

AngelMay said...

Fox: True, that. Especially about Kate Hepburn. She was my all-time fave - just because she did it HER way. Absolutely loved her.

Baino said...

Oh lord, it's like a summer home by the lake. You need a 'mouse'? Shows how much I know about sewing computers. Hurry up then, let me know when you're taking orders. I need a dress for an engagement in October and a Wedding in March. . .

Sandra Leigh said...

LOL - Loved Baino's comment. If I could use a mouse to run a sewing machine, I might just be able to sew a straight seam!

Congratulations on the beautiful Canadian cabinet, AngelMay, and on the sewing computer, as well. Happy quilting!

AngelMay said...

I don't really understand the "summer home by the lake comment", but yes, indeed, the cabinet is from Canada - and the sewing is made in Switzerland. So much for "buy American" around here.