Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Am Not Dead

Contrary to popular opinion, I am not dead. Really. See? Here I am?

Well, no I guess you can't see, can you? But it's I - me - AngelMay. In the flesh. Alive and kicking. Alive, anyway. Just so much going on.

First, my exorbitantly expensive sewing computer had a glitch. The little thingys that pull the fabric through beneath the needle (called the feed dogs) wouldn't feed. They just sat there looking at me while the needle went up and down, up and down, up and down in the same spot - over and over and over and over and over.

I tried giving the thingys a dirty look. But they just sat there - doing nothing.
I checked to be sure I had the thingy button in the thingy-UP position. I did.
Still they would do nothing. I was completely bummed.

Gathered up the exorbitantly expensive sewing and drove the umpteen dozen miles around two bays and over to the next town from whence it came. The thingy repair guy there sent us off to eat lunch while he looked over the obstinate thingys.

Back from lunch, we learned that a thingy inside the sewing was just too tight. It was so tight that the thingy would not slide between these two other thingys and so would not engage the feed dog thingys such that they would pull the fabric beneath the needle. He loosened the thingy which then slid easily between the two other thingys and engaged, as it was supposed to, the feed dog thingy that pulled the fabric beneath the needle.

I brought the sewing back home and it is now once again in its lovely new cabinet. I just haven't had the energy to test the fix to see if it really is fixed. This is called blind trust.

Next, my new computer desk arrived. Some assembly required before it will look like the photo above. Actually, COMPLETE assembly is required. We got all the pieces up here in the living room floor and discovered that three of the smaller pieces - shelves - were missing. So I called the place (on the internet) from which I ordered it and they said they would get the missing pieces out to me ASAP. Yay! Meantime, we go to town to buy an "Autumn Flame" maple tree to go in the hole made when the stump was removed from a tree that used to be in the hole a couple of years ago.

On the way back from town, and standing there in the garage going through all the mail that goes immediately into the compactor-file, I noticed three small, nicely finished boards leaning up against the kitty condo (another story entirely) and looking awfully like the pieces to the desk we weren't able to put together this morning due to three missing pieces just like them.

OY! I scream up the stairs to AngelSpouse and told him to come down and check out the three boards. Eyes rolled in both our heads while black clouds of gloom formed above. I RE-called the internet company from which we purchased the complete-assembly required desk and left a message that we had found the missing pieces and they should just cancel that order.

I would ask at this point, "What ELSE can go wrong?".... but I have learned that as soon as you ask that particular question something else will invariably go wrong.

So I didn't ask the question.

And how was YOUR day?



Brian Miller said...

smiles. glad you got your thingy untightened and passed you seems that should call it a good day after

Megan said...

"feed-dog thingy" is cracking me up! glad you're alive!

Janice said...

Grrr...I am feeling your frustration and the memories of similar situations.

Lo said...

Loved this post.....,are you sure you are not me?

Can't find your email address so here is the answer to the query you left on my blog.

How to find a caregiver:

There are countless agencies which provide them....I received a list when I left the hospital and chose one called Home Instead (they may have a brasnch near you). I am sure Google will provide you with a list, also any Senior Centers you may have in your neighborhood probably have lists too. You do not have to go thru an agency unless you need to collect from Long Term Care Insurance......they require that you use an agency. If you pay the caregiver directly it is much less expensive.
For more info email me

The Silver Fox said...

After reading the first part of your post I needed a cold shower and a cigarette. Just sayin'.

Baino said...

Haha . . I have the same flat pack blues sometimes. i still have some bookshelves with no backing on them because I forgot to slot it in. I blame Ikea, I always blame Ikea. Nice to see you have as much technical nouse as me. I have a new computer thingy with a wire stuck in the back but it's finally making the interweb thingy work properly.

AngelMay said...

Fox: Ha! I was wondering if anyone would say something like that as I was writing it. All that "thingy" talk about sliding back and forth was not exactly lost of me - even if it was totally innocent, she said as she looked innocently heavenward in the manner of Calvin's Hobbes. ;o)

Baino: In my defense... the sewing computer thingy is quite complicated. It's not a VW Beetle, after all. BTW, loved your trip to Paris and the rest of France. So glad you had a wonderful time.

Mmm said...

Well I can;t ever put together anything like this. Last time I did an armoir--took me 14 hours--all through the night for a job that was meant to take only 6 hours. LOL. Oh dear. Well, glad you got it together and nothing was bolted on upside down as I brilliantly manged to do too.

nick said...

Glad to know you are still in the land of living bloggers. Deceased bloggers do not write well.