Thursday, October 7, 2010

Color Me

Color Me: Lazy

I can’t seem to keep up lately with this blog. I try to race around reading everyone else’s blog, but some of you are so prolific that I just can’t keep up with you, either.

Color Me: Sad

I believe the Mommy deer (whom I call “Mommy”) was killed about 100 yards up the road last week. I’ve seen her twins in the neighborhood without any sign of her on several occasions. Last night I heard coyote yipping and howling and I held my breath hoping they had not found one (or both) of those twins. I don’t do the “red in tooth and claw” thing very well. The horrors of nature are beyond my ability to bear.

Color Me: Angry

The horrors of humanity are even more difficult for me to bear. Yesterday I read of a man in Tennessee whose house burned to the ground while firefighters watched and refused to help because he hadn’t paid his $75 “subscription” fee.

And I read of a 4-year-old girl who died in NY and who only weighed 18 pounds. Her mother has been arrested. Four years too late.

Color Me: Outraged

I read also that the “Tea Partiers” have made a propaganda-filled coloring book for children; a book that not only gets our own history wrong but also mangles the English language while doing it. Both are unforgivable. Children should not be the victims of politics.

Color Me: Anxious

It’s October. As an investor I always get nervous when this month rolls around and I try to keep a close eye on my stocks. The market does not love me. The market does not love you. The market is like an undisciplined child that runs around getting into all sorts of trouble. And my little “stash” is at its mercy. Must watch. Must watch. And keep finger on button…

Color Me: Excited

I have sprung for an expensive sewing machine. Er… excuse me… it’s NOT a sewing machine – at least not according to its manual. It is, instead, a sewing COMPUTER. (Times have really changed since my mother’s old treadle-powered Singer.)

And… we all know how one thing leads to another. This thing led to the additional purchase of a cabinet in which to house it. You can’t just leave an expensive sewing COMPUTER lying around to be tripped over and/or dropped down the stairs as you schlep it from hither to yon. No way. It requires its own expensive sewing cabinet with a hydraulic lift and drawers and stuff.

The cabinet, of course, requires space. To get the space, furniture must be moved. Even with the moving of the furniture, there is the problem of the cabinet expansion into even more space when it is opened. This required head-scratching. And…

…led to the purchase of a new computer desk. Yes, it’s a leap. But, trust me, I know what I’m doing here.


Color Me: Procrastinating

I could be cutting out the fabric for my next quilt (which will be made on my new sewing COMPUTER which will probably be placed where my current REAL computer currently sits and which will be moved to the space formerly occupied by my china cabinet when the new computer cabinet arrives – whew!).

As I said… I could be cutting out the fabric for my next quilt but I procrastinate. I dilly. And then I dally. And then I take a nap.

Color Me: Retired.


Brian Miller said...

smiles. retired.
ok, the coloring book made me want to throw up...and hte fire subscription fee as well...just shaking my head...

Janice said...

I found myself nodding in agreement as I read your post, especially part about the Tea Party coloring book. The sewing computer, however, was new to me as I have not sewn for years. It sounds mighty fancy, and isn't it interesting how one new purchase can snowball into so many changes. It happens every time!

Baino said...

OH Herro . . back in town at last. And yeh, man's inhumanity to man and animals is deplorable. Kudos for the sewing computer . . wanna make me some chair covers? Are you sure about the firefighters? Our Firemen are employed by the State, no fee at all. Seems ludicrous and lovely to see your photo up there on your profile!

AngelMay said...

Baino: I'm sure about the firefighters. Just google up Tennessee+firefighters+news and you should find it.

Brian: Yep. Pretty sickening.

Janice: So true. All these changes - just because I bought a sewing ;o)

Sandra Leigh said...

The story about the firefightes reminds me of the "good" old days in 17th C England: Following a public outcry during the aftermath of probably the most famous fire ever, a property developer named Nicholas Barbon introduced the first kind of insurance against fire. Soon after the formation of this insurance company, and in a bid to help reduce the cost and number of claims, he formed his own Fire Brigade. Other similar companies soon followed his lead and this was how property was protected until the early 1800s. Policy holders were given a badge, or fire mark, to affix to their building. If a fire started, the Fire Brigade was called. They looked for the fire mark and, provided it was the right one, the fire would be dealt with. Often the buildings were left to burn until the right company attended! (

Lo said...

Hi, dear
A fine glad you got back to blogging.

Love, Lo