Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Baker-Man

The Baker-Man

He not at all likes Halloween

And greedy children he can’t stand

He hates to hear them run and scream

And roam the streets in costumed bands

He hates their little spooky threats

As they thrust forth their greedy hands

Those dirty little fingered-nets

That snatch and grab and make demands

He wants to put away the sweets

Remove the pies and buns from view

Hide the truffles and the treats

From that obnoxious, grubby crew

In fact, he wants to close up shop

On this of all the nights he dreads

And take a break from stirring glop

That forms the tangy gingerbreads

He reached to turn the sign to CLOSED

Yet something stayed his fleshy hand

A tasty circumstance arose

And so he let the OPEN stand

A mother with her tot in hand

Stepped inside the steaming shop

And, at the bell, the Baker-Man

Appeared behind the lemon-drops

He rubbed his hands and smiled his smile

And, quiet, flipped the brassy lock

He stretched to better see the child

Hidden in its mother’s frock.

“Come in!” he cooed, all warm sincere

And glided forth with not a sound

He bid them sweetly to come near

And deftly turned the CLOSED sign ‘round

He waited, oh so patiently

While they surveyed the treats

And dialed the oven “blistery”

As mom began to speak

"Do you serve little children here?"

She asked, and pushed the tot full-view

He could not check his creeping leer

And answered with impassioned cheer

“Yes, madam,” he hissed. “We DO!”

~ AngelMay ~

Have a tasty Halloween everybody.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Sometimes nature is just so good to us. About 10 minutes ago I looked out my window and saw this magnificent creature lying in the weed-overgrown flower bed in the front yard. I'm sure he is one of "Mommy's" babies from several years ago. Maybe even this one from Spring, 2005:

I went downstairs to get a closer look and he didn't move. He knew I was there, just inside the window about 8 feet from him. And he just watched me:

Isn't he gorgeous?

Sometimes....I just feel glad to be alive.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Am Not Dead

Contrary to popular opinion, I am not dead. Really. See? Here I am?

Well, no I guess you can't see, can you? But it's I - me - AngelMay. In the flesh. Alive and kicking. Alive, anyway. Just so much going on.

First, my exorbitantly expensive sewing computer had a glitch. The little thingys that pull the fabric through beneath the needle (called the feed dogs) wouldn't feed. They just sat there looking at me while the needle went up and down, up and down, up and down in the same spot - over and over and over and over and over.

I tried giving the thingys a dirty look. But they just sat there - doing nothing.
I checked to be sure I had the thingy button in the thingy-UP position. I did.
Still they would do nothing. I was completely bummed.

Gathered up the exorbitantly expensive sewing and drove the umpteen dozen miles around two bays and over to the next town from whence it came. The thingy repair guy there sent us off to eat lunch while he looked over the obstinate thingys.

Back from lunch, we learned that a thingy inside the sewing was just too tight. It was so tight that the thingy would not slide between these two other thingys and so would not engage the feed dog thingys such that they would pull the fabric beneath the needle. He loosened the thingy which then slid easily between the two other thingys and engaged, as it was supposed to, the feed dog thingy that pulled the fabric beneath the needle.

I brought the sewing back home and it is now once again in its lovely new cabinet. I just haven't had the energy to test the fix to see if it really is fixed. This is called blind trust.

Next, my new computer desk arrived. Some assembly required before it will look like the photo above. Actually, COMPLETE assembly is required. We got all the pieces up here in the living room floor and discovered that three of the smaller pieces - shelves - were missing. So I called the place (on the internet) from which I ordered it and they said they would get the missing pieces out to me ASAP. Yay! Meantime, we go to town to buy an "Autumn Flame" maple tree to go in the hole made when the stump was removed from a tree that used to be in the hole a couple of years ago.

On the way back from town, and standing there in the garage going through all the mail that goes immediately into the compactor-file, I noticed three small, nicely finished boards leaning up against the kitty condo (another story entirely) and looking awfully like the pieces to the desk we weren't able to put together this morning due to three missing pieces just like them.

OY! I scream up the stairs to AngelSpouse and told him to come down and check out the three boards. Eyes rolled in both our heads while black clouds of gloom formed above. I RE-called the internet company from which we purchased the complete-assembly required desk and left a message that we had found the missing pieces and they should just cancel that order.

I would ask at this point, "What ELSE can go wrong?".... but I have learned that as soon as you ask that particular question something else will invariably go wrong.

So I didn't ask the question.

And how was YOUR day?


Monday, October 11, 2010

Sweet Distractions

Well, it arrived. My new sewing cabinet. Isn't it a beauty? It's sitting where my computer desk used to be.

The computer desk has been moved to where the china cabinet used to be.

The china cabinet has been moved to an available space along the living room wall where a teak secretary used to be.

The teak secretary was moved into my bedroom. Isn't buying new furniture fun?

A new computer desk is on order and, I hope, on its way to me as I type. So I have no photos - as yet - of the new computer desk.

But here is the sewing cabinet opened:

You will notice at the lower left a fuzzy person getting ready to jump up and check it all out and generally cause as much trouble as possible.

And yes, that is my new sewing COMPUTER sitting right up there like the Queen of the May. I'm still in the admiring stage. Soon, I will have to break down and actually sew something.

So yeah, I've been distracted lately.
Oh! And I also ordered a wireless mouse for my computer because my good friend Sandra has one and I was jealous.

Thanks for stopping by.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Color Me

Color Me: Lazy

I can’t seem to keep up lately with this blog. I try to race around reading everyone else’s blog, but some of you are so prolific that I just can’t keep up with you, either.

Color Me: Sad

I believe the Mommy deer (whom I call “Mommy”) was killed about 100 yards up the road last week. I’ve seen her twins in the neighborhood without any sign of her on several occasions. Last night I heard coyote yipping and howling and I held my breath hoping they had not found one (or both) of those twins. I don’t do the “red in tooth and claw” thing very well. The horrors of nature are beyond my ability to bear.

Color Me: Angry

The horrors of humanity are even more difficult for me to bear. Yesterday I read of a man in Tennessee whose house burned to the ground while firefighters watched and refused to help because he hadn’t paid his $75 “subscription” fee.

And I read of a 4-year-old girl who died in NY and who only weighed 18 pounds. Her mother has been arrested. Four years too late.

Color Me: Outraged

I read also that the “Tea Partiers” have made a propaganda-filled coloring book for children; a book that not only gets our own history wrong but also mangles the English language while doing it. Both are unforgivable. Children should not be the victims of politics.

Color Me: Anxious

It’s October. As an investor I always get nervous when this month rolls around and I try to keep a close eye on my stocks. The market does not love me. The market does not love you. The market is like an undisciplined child that runs around getting into all sorts of trouble. And my little “stash” is at its mercy. Must watch. Must watch. And keep finger on button…

Color Me: Excited

I have sprung for an expensive sewing machine. Er… excuse me… it’s NOT a sewing machine – at least not according to its manual. It is, instead, a sewing COMPUTER. (Times have really changed since my mother’s old treadle-powered Singer.)

And… we all know how one thing leads to another. This thing led to the additional purchase of a cabinet in which to house it. You can’t just leave an expensive sewing COMPUTER lying around to be tripped over and/or dropped down the stairs as you schlep it from hither to yon. No way. It requires its own expensive sewing cabinet with a hydraulic lift and drawers and stuff.

The cabinet, of course, requires space. To get the space, furniture must be moved. Even with the moving of the furniture, there is the problem of the cabinet expansion into even more space when it is opened. This required head-scratching. And…

…led to the purchase of a new computer desk. Yes, it’s a leap. But, trust me, I know what I’m doing here.


Color Me: Procrastinating

I could be cutting out the fabric for my next quilt (which will be made on my new sewing COMPUTER which will probably be placed where my current REAL computer currently sits and which will be moved to the space formerly occupied by my china cabinet when the new computer cabinet arrives – whew!).

As I said… I could be cutting out the fabric for my next quilt but I procrastinate. I dilly. And then I dally. And then I take a nap.

Color Me: Retired.