Thursday, September 9, 2010

Theme Thursday: Reason

Well, I had been looking for a reason to post this poem. And, Theme Thursday seems to have given me a reason. I'm not sure if it is reasonable to post a poem that has nothing at all to do with reason, but I reasoned that I would post it just the same - because I can. Hope you enjoy it.

Burning Up

Being not of entire mind

Yet near on half-aware

I recognized the flames that burned

Were torture – yet I did not care


My skin seared from the torrid heat

My face full hot on fire

I tossed and moaned and sought relief

A primal, animal desire


The heat rose ever more intense

The fire burned aching hot

Release from this delicious hell

Was all my conscious thought


At last the blaze, in final flare,

Left embers kindly glowing lower

A foot I thrust into cool air

And tossed aside my tangled hair

And turned the pillow over



9 September 2010


Gabriela Abalo said...

wonderful poem, I'm glad you found a reason to share it ;)

Brian Miller said...

gets a little warm there under the cover eh? smiles. nice poem angelmay! happy tt!

Lesley said...

ah, a reason to tuck in the sheets!

Lesley said...

that should be NOT tuck in the sheets

Janice said...

Doing something "because I can" is reason enough in my book. I liked your poem...and know the feeling.

CM said...

"Delicious hell"...oh so true! Glad you shared this, even without reason to! ;-)

Rinkly Rimes said...

Written after experiencing a heatwave, I imagine!

lettuce said...

makes reasonable sense to me!

nice one

willow said...

Oh, I'm feelin' the same heat! Thanks for the giggles.