Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Things I Sometimes Think About - #4


I’ve always wanted to learn how to ride a unicycle. Of course, I think I’ve waited way too long now. At this point in my life I would probably break my neck, or worse, my hip. Then it would all be over. Bah! I guess I can check that one off my bucket list.

TV Programs

Specifically, the new tv program called “Covert Affairs.” Sometimes I wonder what the producers and directors are thinking when they cast the characters for something like this. Now, the lead lady in this show is very pretty – even engaging. But she has this mane of long, blonde hair that flies out in all directions when she’s running away from – or after – some perp. Anybody with half a brain would understand that someone who is undercover and in a position to be in close proximity to the “bad guys” would need to have a haircut that is so short the bad guy cannot grab it to catch her and hold her – so short it can’t get caught in elevator doors or any kind of machinery. She would want, in short (pun intended), a kind of a crew-cut for women spies.


I have to confess that I’ve never wanted to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. I have no death wish at all. None. I also don’t want to ride roller coasters or climb the highest mountain. Of course READING about people who actually do these things is another story. It’s all very enjoyable as I sit snuggled into a soft leather chair or sofa in the comfort and safety of my home – like the coward I am.


Well, ok, I almost never think about liver.

Stock Market

I’ve thought a lot about this lately as I’ve watched my gains slowly evaporate into little poofs of nothingness. Why is the stock market trying to kill me? Why?

I should pin that one to the refrigerator door. No! Wait! Maybe this one:




Lo said...

Oh, my dear......loved this post but it finally revealed that we are not identical twins after all.

Unfortunately, my cat, Gussie, is a huge fan of both raw and grilled beef liver....consequently ....I think about liver a lot.....sob.

It's we have something to enable folks to tell us apart.

Love ya'.

Brian Miller said...

liver & onions...mmm...see now i am thinking about liver for you...unicycle, now that is a bit daring...

Anonymous said...

"Covert Affairs" --it's a guy thing.


AngelMay said...

LO: Love ya back, sister!

Brian: Unicycle WOULD be daring if I actually did it at this point in my life.

Anonymous: Somehow I think we've met. :) But long hair is still pretty dumb for an undercover agent. Guy thing. Sheesh.

Megan said...

They can't get past Charlie's Angels. Of course, everyone ignored the fact that Sabrina was the one who actually DID everything...

Jessie said...

a great post!! lol

even at my age i want to do the ski diving, i love roller coasters (not the old wooden ones, my joints get mad at me), and mountain climbing...i'd try it.

thanks for the laughs!


Paul C said...

Unicycles...Yes, I would like to try a ride on one of these too. If one falls, it's not too far fortunately.

The Silver Fox said...

That last cartoon says it all!

PattiKen said...

Covert Affairs: Yeah, but I'm digging the blind guy.

Skydiving: I once wanted to do that, but I got over it. My husband jumped out of the first plane he ever flew in.

I like liver!

Paul C said...

Hi Angel May. I just provided a link for this whimsical post.

Baino said...

Haha . . wish I had the cash to muck about on the stock market frankly. As for skydiving, I have a friend who is badgering me to have a go . . not my scene at all, I'm not adrenalin junkie. Aww saw your coment on Otin's blog, I read your posts sweet pea, everytime they pop up in my reader! Have a glorious weekend.

PattiKen said...

I just read your comment over at Otin's. I know what you mean about keeping up. And I also know what you mean about sometimes feeling like you are talking to yourself. You and i started this blogging thing about the same time. For the first several months, I had posts that very few read, and some with no one. I hope you will stick with it. You are a really good writer, and I enjoy reading your blog. I haven't always commented, but I promise to do better.

AngelMay said...

Thank you ALL for your comments. I really appreciate knowing that there ARE people out there reading. And I really REALLY appreciate your comments. Blogging is a bit on the lonely side without them. :)

Harnett-Hargrove said...

I've begun to think, as I get older,that crossing un-realized adventures off the list is a good thing. Having to muster up false courage has never been my forté... -J

Alan Burnett said...

A fine list of eclectic thoughts. I like your style.