Thursday, July 8, 2010

On Poets (With Additional Comment)

I think I’ll never understand

Why poets po with words so grand

That no one else will ever know

Just what it was the poet poed.

What is this urge to render dark

Lines that might ignite a spark

If only poet would rephrase

Those purple flowery bouquets

And spare the reader of the stilt

That causes his desire to wilt

And never even want to know

Just what it was the poet poed?






I'd like to add that GOOD Poetry is to be prized like a rare jewel. It moves the spirit. It soothes. It jolts. It socks you in the stomach. It rubs your tummy. It is, in fact, utterly amazing.



Lo said...

Love your poem. Reminds me a bit of my idol, Ogden Nash. Best compliment I could pay.

Brian Miller said...

ha but you poed so well...i slike a fever i do believe...

otin said...

I hate it when poets write stuff that only they know the true meaning of and leave the rest of us to try and figure it out. I feel like I am taking a test!!

Janice said...

I love the way you po!

AngelMay said...

LOL! I had two more lines:

I wonder oft' if poet knew
Exactly what it was he pooed.

Do you think I should add them? :)


Jessie said...

this made me smile. :-)
i guess i use poetry bcs i'm not much of prose person in words or speech. lol

well done!


Sandy said...

I think you have invented a new phrase! They po. She is poing. He has poed. I like the sound of that and I really like the poem!

Skip Simpson said...

We're really glad
you took a stand,
with words so visceral
and so grand.

We send you praise
to see you go,
and expose the shit
some poets po.

AngelMay said...

What the heck? Over half of my comments just disappeared! Blogger has lost its mind. Gimme back my comments! NOW!

Sandra Leigh said...
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Sandra Leigh said...

Ahem. One more time. It was probably some tech-savvy poet that swept your comments away. Actually, though -- A little while ago, I saw that I had a new comment on one of my posts. "4 comments," I read. So I clicked, and then I got the message "There are no comments." Huh? So there is apparently a commentgobbler loose at Blogger. Scary.

Baino said...

OH a kindred soul! I have a strong dislike of poetry. Good poetry I like but so much of it is pretentious bullshit it makes my blood boil. Po's is perfect and most of it belongs right there, in the 'Po' (excdept Skips, fits rather nicely right here!)

AngelMay said...

Oy! I still don't have all my comments back. I had comments from Brian and from Otin - both gone now. Blogger has eaten them!

Megan said...

My father used to try to get us to appreciate poetry. And then he gave up and went and wrote it all alone in his room.

I'd give my eye teeth to see those poems now, but he won't let us heathens look on them...