Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Used To Be Skinny

Where I used to be skinny

I’ve now put on weight

And that’s only one of the things

That I hate.

I hate that my taste buds

Seem to have died

My hearing has gone

And my bottom’s grown wide

My body, once supple

Seems stiff and unsure

It seems to have lost

All its leggy allure

I hate that I’m wrinkled

With freckles galore

In fact there are freckles

I’ve not seen before

My hair has grown thin

And refuses to shine

And how can those awful grey eyebrows

Be mine?

I drool in my sleep

And I scratch when I itch

I can’t stand loud noises

God! What a bitch!

My eyes will not focus

My brain will not think

The whole thing’s depressing

Enough that I drink

I hobble around on bad knee

And trick toe

Cursing the need

To get up and to go

I’d rather sit quietly

On my behind

Munching on bon-bons

And sipping red wine

Well, at least I’m not old

like that neighbor next door

It’s just that - I guess -

I’m not young anymore.

. AngelMay.



Brian Miller said...

ha. what a wonderfully playful verse..just not young anymore...smiles.

RA said...

You just descried my life, AngelMay! :D

Baino said...

Aww tragic isn't it and yet we feel so young inside. Breaks my heart frankly.

Janice said...

I loved this poem...made me smile because I can so relate.

Sandy said...

I read your clever verse as I was drinking my morning cup of coffee. It made me spurt coffee through my nose and onto the keyboard. I hope no one notices. I'm going back to bed.

otin said...

That was so funny! I could have added a bunch more to that! LOL

My back it does crackle
as do my knees
my once firm neck skin
now flaps in the breeze! LOL!

AngelMay said...

LOL Otin! Good one.

Lo said...

Delightful and oh, too true.
Love 'ya.

The Silver Fox said...

Very nice... and I can identify with it all too well.

I do have to take great exception to one line, however: "My brain will not think." I think your brain's still up there with the best of 'em!

AngelMay said...

Whoa, Fox! You know the way to a woman's heart! Er...brain...or something. Thanks so much!

The Silver Fox said...

Well, I'll settle for any and all body parts my opinions and comments win for me!