Saturday, June 5, 2010

Time Out For Sepia Saturday

I noticed it was Sepia Saturday - a fine invention of Alan's. Most of my old photographs are stowed in a box somewhere. But I thought this one would be appropriate since it is a photo of my-own-young-self oh so long ago. And it's one you have already seen, I think, and are familiar with.

Growing pains don't stop just because you are grown. I am learning things every day and some of those things are painful. Like knowing that I can never live in the South again - no matter how Southern I am. It's simply too hot. I'm currently in Kentucky - and it's nearly 90 degrees and I feel as though I am going to die. The little a/c in the RV is pumping its little heart out - trying its best - but I'm still burning up. My face feels like it will explode.

I checked the temperature today in my little town in the PNW and discovered that it is 54 degrees. Yes! I love it! Can't wait to get back in it!

But enough about the weather. ;o)

My growing pains lately have been sharp. Like seeing my beautiful Gulf of Mexico and knowing what globby filth is floating in it and making its way toward the beautiful white-sand beaches.

Like walking along in a north Florida RV park where we were spending a couple of days and smelling the nearly over-powering, heady fragrance of night-blooming jasmine. I never saw the flowers - never knew in which direction they might lie. But oh my! The aroma was heavenly - just as when I was a young girl and was lucky to have some growing just outside my bedroom window.

Like learning that my best friend in high school has had a stroke and a heart attack. She survived. That's the good news part. And learning that another high school friend had passed away.

Like seeing my cousin laid up in bed with an out-of-commission foot due to surgery -- and knowing the distance between us now that I live so far away ... and wondering if this is the last time I will see her... :(

There are smaller things, too. Things that don't matter so much. Like enjoying the food from the restaurants I wrote about in my last post and knowing that I won't be able to enjoy them again for a very long time. If ever. But, as I said, these are small things - there are wonderful foods to enjoy when I get home, too. They are just different, that's all. Still, I'm glad I had the chance to eat at these restaurants once again - even if it might be for the last time.

Growing Pains is a good name for my blog because I really do believe we are always growing. If we stop, we die.

Today was a trek from Alabama to Kentucky. I wanted to entitle this post "Move Along. Nothing to See Here" - because it would be (almost) the truth. I have learned, however, that the National American Quilt Museum is located here. I wish we had the time to go and visit it but, unfortunately, tomorrow we head north again - toward (I hope) ever cooler temperatures.

Keep growing, everyone.



Brian Miller said...

it is hot today...had to take a dip in the river...gla dyou are moving along in your trip...hope you find some comfortable temps...

Baino said...

Growing pains is a good title, we never stop really . . which is a good thing on all fronts. I'm with you on the heat. I just can't take too much any more. At least you can visit the south whenever the homesickness bites.

CatLadyLarew said...

Safe travels on your journey home, AngelMay. I'm headed south to Tampa in just a few more days.

Janice said...

I agree with you...the growing continues. I thought I knew it all at 16. And, oh,the smell of jasmine. Heavenly.

Alan Burnett said...

Seeing that photograph was like meeting once again an old friend. I had grown so familiar with it when you used it on your blog. Keeping growing - keep blogging about it.

Vicki Lane said...

Interesting photo -- had you been injured or were you playing?

I know what you mean about the Southern heat -- we fled Florida for the NC mountains 35 years ago -- losing much of the heat but keeping the Southern.

(Fittingly enough, my word verification is HOUND - the quintessential Southern dawg.)

AngelMay said...

Vicki: I was playing. The bandages were applied by my cousin (the same one I just visited in Florida - good memories) who was planning on being a nurse. She was "practicing" and her little cousin was just the right person to practice on.

The Silver Fox said...

I've lived in the same general area for all of my life, and haven't even travelled all that much... but sometimes, it can be depressing just driving around the "old haunts" and seeing the changes that have taken place during the last 20 years, or 30 years, or 40 years!