Thursday, June 10, 2010

Theme Thursday: Candy

Listen up, fellow travelers, and choose your candy well.
Do not take chocolate bars poolside when the thermometer is pressing 90.
Don't munch on caramels when the nearest toothbrush is 10 miles away.
And whatever you do, don't travel in an RV with a jar full of M&Ms!

These wounded little morsels bear witness to the sad state of repair of many of our interstate highways. They were brought along for the ride in the event that someone got a case of the munchies and couldn't wait for the next McDonald's. (Just kidding about the McDonald's.)

After several days driving, bumping and thumping along America's Finest, the munchies attacked and the jar was retrieved from the refrigerator.

OY VEY! Whatsamatta here?

Road Kill.



Baino said...

Ha no worries, they're eventually gonna get smashed up anyway!

Brian Miller said...

if they melt you can just pour them into your mouth...they would not be around long enough in our car to get

happy tt!

Monkey Man said...

Oooo M&M dust goes great on ice cream. Liking your candy entry. My TT is HERE .

Sandy said...

I bet they tasted just as good! Thanks for the candy tips though, sometimes you need to be reminded.

Janice said...

The "wounded little morsels" will taste just as yummy as the ones fresh out of the pack. In fact, I can almost taste 'em.

Alan Burnett said...

It's the kind of thing that happens to pebbles in a stream over time isn't it. Abrasion is a wonderful thing.

Dreamhaven said...

M&M's taste good no matter how fractured they get. Happy TT