Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Push West Continues

We began our drive this morning with me trying to take a photo of some kind of African-looking deer-like creature we believe was imported into the US (for reasons I would probably rather not know about). It's a beautiful little thing.

If I held even the most minute belief in astrology I would believe my stars and planets were just out of alignment. In an effort to capture these little creatures, I took photo after photo of blurry grass, blurry fence posts, blurry sky, blurry rocks, and blurry trees.

I finally got a long shot of a group of them grazing. I have cropped this photo in hopes that it will, at least, be somewhat viewable:

I think, however, that I didn't really get close enough for anyone to tell exactly what they are.

I must confess here and now that I was wrong about the red-winged blackbird. Even though they no longer lined our way along the roadside, I have still seen a few even at this elevation and they remain my favorite bird here in the west.

Billings, Montana is not very pretty. Sorry, Billings lovers. I have to call 'em as I see 'em. Billings (and surrounds) seems to be mostly oil refineries and railroad yards.

However, Sheridan, Wyoming (which we passed through yesterday) was a gorgeous-looking place... all tucked neatly into a little river valley between beautiful hills.

One thing I've noticed on my travels is this:

Throughout the USA, farms always seem the same. There are acres and acres of fertile fields surrounding a little clump of trees, in the midst of which you will find a neat, white farm house. Montana, it seems, is no exception.

Seems like it would be great living on a farm. Working on one, of course, is another story altogether.

Today, we saw Montana between Hardin and Butte. And (almost) everywhere you look - it's beautiful:

I wonder what it's like living amidst all this beauty...

It must be fantastic until the snow comes...

But even in the midst of all this beauty, we should not forget .... this is still the USA and....

...where you find people, you will find a McDonald's.

You could also find:

Strip mining?

It's odd, but even though I suspect the light tan areas on this mountain are being strip-mined, I still find this photo strangely beautiful.

Later on, we start UP.

And UP

And UP.... until....

And then, after a hair-raising (for me) drive down - and down - and down, we finally see Butte:

It looks really nice from here. Up close, not so much.

And that's the way it is.... June 12th...Two Thousand Ten.



Brian Miller said...

smiles. again with some beautiful country...have been to that neck of the woods...if you want deer let me know they are in my back yard right now...

AngelMay said...

I only want deer to be beautiful and be themselves. And I also get plenty in my own yard at home. My house seems to be sitting on one of their ancestral paths. My yard often has a mommy deer and her babies in the spring.

Janice said...

Ah, yes, it seems those golden arches are everywhere!