Sunday, June 13, 2010

Getting Closer!

Getting closer and closer to home.

This morning, as soon as we began our drive I spied this little fellow:

Seems like he's more legs than anything else. He reminds me of the Tin Man in Wizard of Oz.

We had a really pleasant early drive on smooth, straight roads in a valley between mountains. Just the way I like it. Along the way I snapped pictures of snow-capped mountains in the distance...

...and what I call "peek-a-boo" mountains peeping over the tops of the lower, green hills:

And almost the whole morning we drove along the Clark Fork river:

This was reassuring to me because it meant we were DOWN. On the ground. At water level.

And we were not going to fall off a thousand foot drop.

We saw some interesting exposed rock:

And then.... we stopped at a rest area and saw this little guy:

Not certain what he is. I'm thinking maybe a ground squirrel, but we couldn't get near enough to them. They had rather short tails and legs. And when they decided to run - they were FAST!

I guess no AngelMay post would be complete without at least one critter sighting.

Another nice picture of that reassuring river...

....before we saw signs announcing "Chain-up Area" and I knew we were in trouble. Trucks "chain up" before a long steep climb...

Then we saw this:

...and the next thing I knew we were careening DOWN the other side of the hard climb with me in the passenger seat leaning left - as though that would somehow keep the RV from sliding to the right and off the highway into the tree-speared abyss below.

We lived through two of these downhill please-check-your-brakes and runaway-truck-exit nightmares before finally reaching Coeur D'Alene.

We are now parked. And if not for the Siren Song of home.... I might never un-park again. :)

At least we are back in the Pacific Time Zone. Hooray!



PS - No wifi in tomorrow's RV park so this is sign-off until we reach home.


Brian Miller said...

woohoo...a little heart pounding action right before home...

AngelMay said...

Oh you, Brian! You have no idea how scary that is for me. :) Little bit of a scaredy-cat here. But we survived....

willow said...

Gorgeous spot of the world!! wow!!

Guess what my word verification is? Sokeyeh

00dozo said...

I've driven on mountain roads and it can get scary!

That critter you saw is what we call (in Canada, at least), a "prairie dog" - a cross between a groundhog and a squirrel, or something like that.

Nice road trip!