Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So Far, So Tired!

Beautiful, beautiful sights along our route these couple of travel days:

Fantastic shot of Mt. Shasta and whatever that little tiny volcano to the right is. I called it a "pimple"... but AngelSpouse said it looked like a "cinder cone". I imagine we are both wrong, but what the heck? It was fun naming it and it's truly a wonderful sight.

Mt. Shasta is a mind-blowing "pile of rocks". It's just awesome. So much so that you can hardly take your eyes off it - which is not to be recommended when you are traveling down a highway at speed.

We were, however, parked safely - as you can see - when these photos were taken:

Here is a closer look at the little cinder-cone pimple which is off to the right of Mt. Shasta in the panoramic view:

At Mt. Shasta, we stopped for a little lunch at the Black Bear Diner:

(photo above shamelessly stolen from the internet)

I must confess that I've frequented the Black Bear Diner before - just not this particular one - and I have the coffee mugs to prove it!

Today, we are parked - just south of San Francisco - in the driveway of my very dear friend whose nickname is, appropriately, "Bear."

Frankly, I'm already so tired that I may never move from this spot. This RV-ing stuff is new to us and we have quickly learned that all my best-laid travel plans are going to have to be altered. I have, optimistically, scheduled much longer driving days than we are going to be able to handle. This must be changed or this trip is going to kill us. As in: dead. To steal a phrase: Not merely dead, but really most sincerely dead.

Today, I will attempt the plotting of some shorter days.

This is my story, and I'm sticking to it.
And the morning and the evening were the second day. Or third day.
Does anybody have any clue what day this is?

Your happy traveler, temporarily signing off:



Janice said...

Welcome to CA!

Gladys said...

Angel...I am just south of SF right now too. Parked on the bluffs. Hasn't the weather here been gorgeous?

Brian Miller said...

nice. those shots of the mountains are amazing...have fun with it, be fluid...plans can change...

Sandra Leigh said...

Oh, yes. It's tempting to try to put the miles behind you, but you'll have a much happier journey if you limit your driving to about four hours a day. Robin and I take turns at the wheel - one hour on, one hour off - and far too often we end up doing six or eight hour days - but we are much happier and more relaxed when we shorten our driving time. After all, there's not much point in driving all that way if you're too tired to see what's around you.

Megan said...

Wow, that's a lot of snow on Shasta. Yay, possible ending of drought!

How far south are you going? Hmmmm? Want to hit some L.A. diners?!?

AngelMay said...

Jan and Gladys: Weather here is really really nice.

Brian: Working on being "fluid" - hard to relax when you are new to driving around in a monster vehicle - yet we are told it is a small RV by people who run RV parks.

Megan: Sorry, girl! I'd love to meet you but we are not coming to LA - and almost for sure not in an RV (I would be afraid to drive there in my regular car!)

Sandra: Thanks for the info. Already using it. :)

Baino said...

I'm beginning to see why American's aren't great travellers, they have all they need at home. I hope many do what you're doing and explore. Really enjoying following you round . . planning my own trip one of these days.