Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ring! Ring! Help, I'm Lost!

As we were leaving our RV park yesterday morning, AngelSpouse announced that he had lost his wedding band. We looked high and low. No ring.

We drove on. About two and a half hours later, I decided to just call the RV park to see if anyone had found it.

Me: were in space 23 last night and I was just wondering if anyone had found a plain gold wedding band and turned it in.

Nice Lady: Yes! They did! It was in the shower. It looks like a man's gold band.

Me: Yes! It's my husband's.

Nice Lady: It's a good thing you called when you did. I was just getting ready to leave and I didn't want to leave it here, and I didn't want to take it home.

Me: Yes, lucky! I'm so glad someone found it. Could you please mail it to our home address?

Nice Lady: Yes, I will. I'll put it in a box and send it on.

Me: Thank you so much, we really appreciate that.

Me to Spouse who insisted that he didn't take it off in the park: Ha!

Spouse, sheepishly: I guess it came off in the shower. I *have* lost a little weight lately.

Me: Right.


Driving on down the highway and just after we entered the beginning of I-40 here in the West, we saw a road mileage sign that made us both laugh:

Wilmington, N.C.
2,554 Miles

Of course, we passed this sign in the bright daylight. Since AngelSpouse is from North Carolina, this was a real hoot to discover on I-40 in the "badlands" of California.



Sandra Leigh said...

Such luck that AS's ring was picked up by an honest person. I'm glad you've decided to scale down your driving days. You'll enjoy your trip a lot more.

Brian Miller said...

ha. cool sign. i know how he feels, lost mine once for 3 examiner found it in one of our files...

Janice said...

So glad you found the ring!

Megan said...

It's going to be a long time before he can put it on again! But so glad it will be waiting there for you when you get home. Best mail ever!

Jingle said...

good for you.

jingle said...

Meme participation awards,
Happy Sunday.
Happy Mother's Day to Moms in your life, Cheers!

bwitham1 said...

oh, man, that's luck! love the sign.