Saturday, May 8, 2010

No Rest For The Weary

Welcome to Arizona!

And if you think you are going to rest here, think again!

Every rest area we passed was closed. Every single one. This remains a huge mystery to me. Even if the state cannot maintain the restrooms, at least it could let people who are travel-weary pull off into the parking lot to rest for a while before continuing their journey. But not so here. In Arizona, you will just have to keep driving.... and driving.... and driving....

And with all that driving and driving and driving it's a really good thing we waited until we were in Arizona before filling up with gas. Gas prices here were $0.70 per gallon cheaper than in California. That makes a BIG difference when you are gassing up an RV.

Along the way of all the driving and driving and driving... I spotted these jagged peaks peeking above a closer hill:

No cowboys in white hats gonna be ridin' up and down those hunks of rocks, that's for sure. Amazingly stark - and beautiful for all their starkness.

We decided that we needed some supplies and so we saw a Safeway...but missed the exit. So we took the next exit and came face-to-face with:

I couldn't help but think how my daddy would have loved this trip. He always wanted to come "out west" but he never had the chance. And I was reminded of all the "cowboy pictures" he and I went to see together -- and it seems as though Andy Devine was in about 90% of them.

In the Safeway parking lot, a lady approached us as soon as we had parked, asking for a "couple of dollars" so they could go (somewhere I never heard of) and get a shower and some food. They had a truck load full of beautiful dogs with them. I gave her some money and she said, "God bless you." I told her I hoped it would help them. Sigh. When we finished shopping and came back out, they were gone.

At last, we were approaching Flagstaff and the San Francisco Peaks came into view:

This is nature at its loveliest. Is it any wonder I prefer countryside to cities?

Finally, we pulled into our RV park for the next two nights (we need a rest). A bit disappointed because this place is a little on the seedy side and there is absolutely no privacy between the sites as there was at the last park. The RVs are parked too close for my comfort here, too. Well, live and learn.

Sylvie doesn't care how seedy the place is. She's just ecstatic that we have stopped moving and the big truck monsters are no longer trying to kill her.


P.S. I lied (unintentionally) a few days ago when I swore I would never spend one penny in Arizona until they repeal their new and extremely bigoted and racist immigration law they just passed. This was before I realized there was no way we could stand such long driving days and I had to cut the distance down to our size. But I can assure you that I am not happy about it at all. And I hope that someone in this state's government wakes up to just how bigoted and racist their new law actually is.

It would be nice if they would open a few Rest Areas, too.

That's my story - and by golly I'm not kidding. ;o)


Brian Miller said...

smiles. hope you are having amazes me the gas prices...a town 30 minutes away is 20 cents cheaper here...

Sandy said...

Sounds like you are having a great time. I love the pics you are sharing. The mountains out west are so different than ones in the east, but both are so beautiful. Hope you continue to have a safe and wonderful trip.

Sandra Leigh said...

Oh, dear. Robin reminds me that some (a lot, he says) of the rest areas in Arizona were closed the last time we drove through, but it sounds as if matters have gotten truly out of hand. Are you in Flagstaff?

Megan said...

I like Flagstaff. For a while we considered moving there. Great shots! Makes me want to hit the road!

otin said...

I am enjoying this picture blogging of your trip.

They can't open the rest areas without restrooms because people would just pee all over the ground.

AngelMay said...

Otin: Yes....I finally had that explained to me by best friend and AngelSpouse when in San Francisco area. Duh. I should have thought of that myself. :)

bwitham1 said...

Arizona doesn't spend on rest stops because they don't want to. Too much "big government" doncha know?

Baino said...

Ah all part of the adventure Mim although I don't know why you can't just pull up. You have vending machines in rest areas? Very posh!