Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In A Pig's Eye! We're Hosed!

Somehow, we managed to get jet-lag. A really bad case of jet-lag even though we have not been flying. Because Arizona does not do daylight savings time, we were thrown very rapidly from Pacific Time to Mountain Time to Central Time. Pow pow pow! Just like that. Amazing what losing two hours will do to you. But, other than being complete zombies for a couple of days, we are having a good time.

Saw Mexican mountains looking across the Rio Grande into Mexico. Very pretty.

Saw farms in West Texas being worked:

Saw wide-open spaces and rolling hills in West Texas. Very nice:

And there we were, driving along enjoying the scenery when - suddenly - SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! We thought we had run into one of those famous Southern gully-washers that come down like gangbusters but quit as quickly as they start. But no! We had, apparently, run into a swarm of bees. You won't believe the mess it made on the windshield. Well...maybe you would. But I refused to take a photo of it out of respect for the dead.

After cleaning the windshield, we saw beautiful wildflowers along the highways and beneath this marvelous oak:

At one stop for the evening, we looked over at another RV that had just pulled in. The door opened and a long ramp was put into place from the door to the ground. Then, out stepped Lucy the Pig for her evening constitutional:

Lucy was quite a hoot. We enjoyed watching her grub around the park and into an adjacent field. She seemed quite at home with it all.

Later we saw a road-runner but he ran so fast I didn't get a chance to take his picture. Goofy bird!

Later, a close encounter with some other animals. This time two beautiful horses that come a runnin' when my good friend whistles for them. We were staying at her home for a day or two along the way and she demonstrated her whistling technique for summoning these two:

Pretty things - and too smart to turn down the carrots they knew were waiting for them.

In my friend's front yard I found this:

It's a blooming prickly pear cactus. Isn't it gorgeous?

No photos for the final story on this day. Best to just tell about it - photos would be a bit much.

As we were leaving our park, we decided to dump the black water tank and clear it out and re-charge it (with a couple of gallons of water) for the trip ahead. In our RV the way you do this is to drain the tank via the usual big sewer hose used by all RVs and then run a garden hose in through the shower window and over to the toilet where you turn it on and run clean water into the tank.

Well, this was all going swimmingly until I decided it was enough water and turned the nozzle off. At least I thought I was turning it off. I turned and turned and it did not turn off. So I turned it in the opposite direction. And turned and turned and - OMG! STOP! TURN THE WATER OFF! HELP! STOP!

The outer part of the nozzle had flown off the thing and down into the black water tank - and now there was no way to turn the water off which was still spewing crazily from the hose.

We finally got the water turned off. Now we need a new nozzle.

I wonder how many RVers are driving around with a hose nozzle in their black water tanks.
Maybe I don't really want to know.

That's my story....



Brian Miller said...

that cactus flower is beautiful..and thats some pig the scenery is great out there...

Janice said...

You are certainly having lots of interesting adventures! I enjoyed the pictures, especially Miss Lucy.
Happy trails...

Sandra Leigh said...

I'm glad you finally got to see the prickly pear in bloom, AM. It turns the desert into a magical place.

I confess that in all our years of RVing, I've never seen a pig on a string. You must stay in the really special parks! ;>)

Megan said...

I am in shock about the pig. Really!

Alan Burnett said...

And a wonderful story it is. The high point is the pig. I want one, I want one.

Megan said...

And where are you now?!?