Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Theme Thursday: Box

The edge-worn lid lifted to expose the private world within an old cigar BOX.
A world of wonder and wanting - hurt and heart.
A world unique to each who cares - and dares - to look.
We take each item up in turn and hold it in our hands.
We turn it - slow - and feel how smooth and cool it is.
We notice the crayons - the blue worn more than yellow or brown.
The red broken in two. The green, naked of its paper sheath.
The neglected purple wanting any kind of wear.
The marbles - vibrant, still, of color - mocking the eyes that view them.
A dented watch that refuses to tell the time - a kindness as we have so little left.
The soapy figures, in fragile repose, still whole - wanting only water (or tears) to destroy their charming, awkward form.

An inexplicable ache tucked in tightly beside the broken string of pearls.
Puzzlement peeks from a torn and unidentified faded photograph.
An unbearable yearning wrapped tightly around an old steel penny and a rusty pocket knife.

These are not things inside the box. Neither toys nor jewels.
But treasure to be found - and found again.
The bounty that was - and is - ourselves.
Until the lid is closed at last and the lights extinguished for the long, dark night.


Tom said...

oh, nice. not what i was expecting! still, i think i want to dig up my old cigar box and see the tangibles. happy TT

Baino said...

I think we all have one or more of these little treasure boxes don't you? What will we do when the old cigar boxes aren't around any more? I think I have an old Coronation Biscuit tin somewhere with such treasures inside it. Must dig it out.

Brian Miller said...

beautiful. we keep boxes for each of our boys and one day we will give them to them and they will remember life when it was young. smiles. perfect tt post!

otin said...

Every once in a while, I will open a box that has just been sitting in a closet, and will find old things that I forgot even existed. Great post!

Janice said...

What a wonderful post, bringing up forgotten memories of Scout's treasure box in To Kill a Mockingbird, one of my favorite movies. You really captured the essence of her magical collection.

tony said...

I got thing about a box is it's opening.The find Of hidden treasures.

Jessie said...

i SO love this!!! your descriptions, i can feel the emotions in your words--it makes me want to reach out and touch the words on paper, bringing me closer to the memories you've so beautifully described.

very well done!
happy memories and smiles,

Dreamhaven said...

LOvely imagery. Happy TT

PattiKen said...

I love the imagery here, especially the "inexplicable ache tucked in tightly beside the broken string of pearls.


Dot-Com said...

It's always great to have a little treasure box - and while it might look just like an old box, it usually has some significance nobody else can fully understand.

Barbara said...

Beautifully written!
My whole house is one big messy box like this- but full of hidden treasures and memories waiting to be sorted.
To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my favorite movies,also. Maybe my favorite.

Megan said...

The problem is, I have so many...


Great post, AM.