Friday, April 2, 2010

Ta Dah! Continued...

Well, the cut-out for the washing machine drain pipe was cut out. The washing machine was turned on and did a rinse cycle. The water drained out of the washing machine, down the pipe, and into the wall separating the laundry room from the dining room and out onto the floor.

Oops! This is NOT good.
So the washing machine is sitting there doing nothing while I try to get the seller of the house to go and fix the plumbing problems.

So far, I've heard nothing except that my realtor is contacting his realtor to see if he will fix the problems. These are fixes that were supposed to be made prior to closing - and, obviously, were not made.

Meanwhile, the person for whom I bought all this stuff cannot use the washing machine and has to wait 20 minutes for enough water in the tub to take a bath.

But we'll get there. These are the major problems.

The picky problems are the cabinet door with hinges on the wrong side and a drawer above it that will not open at all with the oven door closed. It sounds like it was put together by the 3 stooges. Open the oven door so you can open the drawer to get a utensil. Close the drawer. Close the oven door. Yowsa! That's just too stupid for words.

You can't make this stuff up.


Brian Miller said...

teehee..isnt owning houses fun...

Janice said...

Oh,my! What a mess! Hang in there.