Saturday, April 17, 2010


I was just cruising through various blogs by selecting the "next blog" button at the top of the page. Many blogs are just about people's pets or children or some specific subject. I saw one blog with photos of their absolutely gorgeous Siberian Huskies.

Then I hit "next blog" and came upon the blog of a family with some small children. The top-most post said, in no uncertain terms, that they were uncomfortable with strangers reading their blog and commenting about their children. They stated that if you didn't know them or were not a member of their family then you should NOT comment -- otherwise your comment would be removed and you would be reported for spamming.

Yowsa! I guess they have no clue that their blog is available and visible to literally millions upon millions of people. I knew people were strange, but this is a whole new level of validation of that knowledge.

No wonder I'm mostly reclusive. (But I love visits from my bloggy buds...)


Baino said...

The crazy thing is that it's so easy to have a private blog or to password it. I think people go into establishing a blog fully believing that the internet is a private place. Not so.I even had a commenter research my IP address to see where I lived! I don't have a static IP address so he missed the mark but only by a few kms!

AngelMay said...

Yes, I was wondering why this person didn't take their blog private. But if I comment, they may report me for
"spamming". Sheesh!

Janice said...

Sheesh is right!

Sandy said...

Things like this do not make sense to me. They never did and probably never will.

CatLadyLarew said...

I have a private blog for my classroom, for which I use a separate email account and have password protected. Not hard to do if you really want to keep things private. Otherwise, you're putting yourself out there for pretty much anyone to see.

AngelMay said...

CatLady: I think the owner of that blog knows about it, but doesn't want to password the blog. She just wants to yell at the people who look at the blog and then comment on the photos of her children (it's mostly a blog about the children). To me, this is in the category of "nutz". If you don't want strangers looking at your children online, then you should take steps to make sure they can't. I'm completely bewildered by this particular blog (which I might never be able to find again, by the way.... lucky me.)