Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Troubles! Troubles! Troubles!

I like the commercial with the little dog who buries his bone and then digs it up again and takes it to the bank - but he still can't sleep so he goes back to get it. And all the while a guy is singing a song about troubles. It's pretty cute.

I gots me some troubles, too. Well, we won't get into ALL my troubles but we'll just talk about the computer troubles. I just bought a second Mac Mini. The first one, purchased a couple weeks ago, was for AngelSpouse. After standing on my head and/or crawling around on the floor and bumping my head on the underside of the desk, I finally got his old Vista computer disconnected and the new one wired up. Whew! He really disliked Vista.

I gave the new Mac a try and, so far, I like it. So, today, I ordered one just like it for myself. My old Windows XP (on which I am currently typing) is on its last legs, I'm afraid. And it will be nice not having to keep buying virus software. I plan to keep this XP box off-line for games (already purchased and well-loved) and for my writing (if and when I ever get the time or inspiration to write again). The new Mac box will be used for internet access.

I also have a new modem on its way to me as I type. Well, they SAID it would be here today so I'm taking them at their word. I will still have slow DSL, but can't have everything, I guess.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go dig up that bone and take it to the bank.
Troubles! Troubles! Troubles! (I need a nap already!)


Brian Miller said...

take the nap...smiles.

may your troubles pass quickly and nice on the mac!

Baino said...

You won't regret the Mac. They take a bit of getting used to after PC's but they're so much more virus and problem resistant. Mine's about 8 years old can you believe it and still running pretty well. She has her moments and freezes sometimes but otherwise, no complaints.

Gladys said...

I'm feeling you. I just had a major coronary because my Big Bertha would kick start. I had to take it to the Nerd Herd and have the diagnose the problem as a bad cord. Whew dodged another one. :)