Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Day Dinner

(Smothered in grilled Pineapple)

Blackeyed Peas with chopped, raw onions
Collard Greens with pepper sauce
Candied Yams
Sliced Tomatoes

(Southern Cornbread baked in a Cast Iron Skillet)

Surely you jest!
As soon as it was ready, it was Katie Bar The Door!


Skip Simpson said...

Am I too late for the ham?

Gretchen Von GrĂ¼ber said...

Oh, please do not dislike me. We have been really busy with Grand Opening. I would like to try some ham, please?

Janice said...

Major Yum! What a great feast to welcome 2010.

Brian Miller said...

nice. so did yuou save some for the rest of us?

AngelMay said...

Sorry....We ate it all.
OK, Gretchen...but just don't keep Skip away so long in future.

otin said...

I love collards! I eat them at least twice a week!!

Baino said...

You're not the first to post about a New Year's Day dinner AngelMay. Is it traditional in the US to have a fancy feed on NYD? Sounds very southern, I have to admit, the only black-eyed peas I've ever heard of are a band! What are collard greens? I've heard of them too but no idea what they are. All sounds very delicious.

AngelMay said...

EEK! Poor Baino! You are underprivileged. :) Do you know what turnip greens are? Well collards are greens like that - but taste infinitely better. (I hate turnip greens.) It's traditional in the Southern United States to eat blackeyed peas on New Year's day so you will have good luck all year. (I love blackeyed peas.)

Betsy said...

Yum~ it all sounds wonderful! I just heard of the traditional black eyed peas last week on another blog..never knew that one! Hope you have a wonderful new year, Angel...I'm happy to have met you in blogland!

Colette Amelia said...

Very interesting this sounds like real southern cooking...stuff that we up north haven't had!

Sounds delicious though!

Lizzie said...

Hey...are their leftovers? Wait...not sure if they'd be good by now. :D hahaha

Anyway, sounded scrumptious!

Jessie said...

i have no doubt the ham was tasty!!!

Happy New Year AngelMay!


VE said...

Now that sounds like a Southern feast!