Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Spaced Out

Troubles! Troubles! Troubles!

I like the commercial with the little dog who buries his bone and then digs it up again and takes it to the bank - but he still can't sleep so he goes back to get it. And all the while a guy is singing a song about troubles. It's pretty cute.

I gots me some troubles, too. Well, we won't get into ALL my troubles but we'll just talk about the computer troubles. I just bought a second Mac Mini. The first one, purchased a couple weeks ago, was for AngelSpouse. After standing on my head and/or crawling around on the floor and bumping my head on the underside of the desk, I finally got his old Vista computer disconnected and the new one wired up. Whew! He really disliked Vista.

I gave the new Mac a try and, so far, I like it. So, today, I ordered one just like it for myself. My old Windows XP (on which I am currently typing) is on its last legs, I'm afraid. And it will be nice not having to keep buying virus software. I plan to keep this XP box off-line for games (already purchased and well-loved) and for my writing (if and when I ever get the time or inspiration to write again). The new Mac box will be used for internet access.

I also have a new modem on its way to me as I type. Well, they SAID it would be here today so I'm taking them at their word. I will still have slow DSL, but can't have everything, I guess.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go dig up that bone and take it to the bank.
Troubles! Troubles! Troubles! (I need a nap already!)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Itty-Bitty Town Police Report

* During an automobile collision in a nearby town on Jan. 5, one vehicle left the roadway and landed in the river.

* A suspicious light was reported in the 1100 block of XYZ Road on Jan. 5. After searching the surrounding area, a deputy was unable to locate the source.

* A local woman was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and possession of less than 40 grams of marijuana and “mislabeled legend drugs” on January 2.

* An Arrow was found lodged in the side of a residence Jan 1. The reporting party said the residence is next to a clear-cut and speculated a bow hunter might be to blame.

* A complaint of children partying in a nearby area on Jan 6 brought deputies to the scene. They discovered not a party but a one-man band. After a discussion with law enforcement personnel, he agreed to terminate his performance for the evening.

* A 59-year-old man apparently tried to steal cigars from a local store on Jan 9. Another man reported that a customer witnessed the suspect trying to steal about $100 in cigars but told him to put them back. The suspect reportedly put the items back and left the store, but the employee took his license plate number. Before officers arrived, the suspect reportedly returned, apologized and left $20 on the counter. The business apparently did not want to pursue charges on the attempted theft but asked police to issue a trespass admonishment instructing the suspect not to return.

* Two bottles of Corona were reportedly stolen from the bar at the American Legion Hall sometime between closing time Jan. 9 and 9:33 a.m. Jan. 10. A 43-year-old female employee reportedly discovered that the panel that closes off the bar from the rest of the upstairs was split. The 46-year-old female employee who closed the bar on Jan. 9 told police that two beers appeared to be the only things missing. All doors to the building were locked and undamaged. The homeless shelter was notified in case it was someone who perhaps stayed the night.

* A peace symbol sign was reported missing on Jan. 7 from near a driveway along the Post Office Road.

* Police took a 29-year-old woman into custody for disorderly conduct on Jan. 4 after she repeatedly disrupted an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in the 1100 block of Main Street. The 56-year-old woman who runs the meetings reported that the suspect threw her blue backpack on the floor and began popping several balloons, which initially startled those in attendance because it sounded like gunfire.

* Miscreant Goats Apprehended and Returned to Owner: Domestic goats were reported “on the loose” Jan. 5 along a local rural road. The ruminants were apprehended, given a stern scolding and returned to their owner.

These are actual police reports respectfully submitted by AngelMay.
Only the names were changed to protect everybody.


Friday, January 15, 2010

My Apologies

I must offer my apologies for not getting around to everyone's Theme Thursday offerings in order to comment. But I do have an excuse. In fact, I have a couple. I've been up to my neck in computer problems - have a new modem on its way which should be here sometime next week...and I *hope* that solves the biggest part of the problem. The rest involves new computers and transferring data and setting up stuff and wires running like spaghetti over and under the desk and through holes in the desk which were designed for just such wires.

Secondly, the wind is not behaving itself here this morning. I live very close to the water and the wind blasts up off the sound from the Pacific Ocean periodically. This causes all manner of problems. This morning I was awakened by a sudden darkness -- the power went out. Since then I have been hearing constant chain-sawing out on the main road. I believe the wind knocked down a tree from either my property or the property across the road and that's what took out the power. Have to give big hand to the guys out there in the rain doing the work though. They got the power back on in about an hour and a half. And they are still out there with chainsaws buzzing and trucks clanking. I can only hear them -- can't see them because the trees are in the way.

Lucky for me I have gas heat and a gas stove...so I was both warmed from the outside and from the inside by my usual morning cup of hot tea.

In any event, please don't stop visiting me just because I've been lax in getting around to your blogs -- trust me! I'm pedaling as fast as I can. And I have no idea if the power is going to stay on now or not. It can get pretty "iffy" at times here.

Your bloggy friend, AngelMay

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Theme Thursday - Surface

Surface! Surface! Surface!
Submarine rising frantically from the depths? Nope.
Blog-Brains running around in circles trying to figure out what to write about this week’s theme: Surface.

Aha! Got mine. Things on the surface. This is so rich. This is so ripe. This is so ready.

“Beauty is only skin-deep,” my mother once told me.

Then, later, I read somewhere an eye-opening truth: Ugly goes all the way to the bone.

Here is an example of truly Ugly that we actually paid for with our taxes:


That ugly truth was hidden beneath a surface of lies.

Sometimes, on the surface, things look just fine. Even inviting. One of my favorite flowers is this one:

But beneath its absolutely intoxicating fragrance and lovely petals, it is deadly poisonous. On the Causeway between Tampa and Clearwater, Florida there used to be Oleander after Oleander. Gorgeous to look at and smelled like heaven itself. Then someone burned some of the branches and died. The beautiful bushes were removed.

And all of this brings me to the real surface I want to talk about today. Everyday we see people around us who, on the surface, seem fine. It’s hard to tell anymore how a person is doing by looking at them since these days we all dress like refugees as a matter of course. We even go out of our way to purchase new clothes that have holes torn in them – on purpose. Oy!


But beneath that surface is oftentimes someone who has either been bankrupted by our healthcare system or has lost their job and is holding on by a thread. They may live next door to you but, while you shop for groceries at the local grocery store, they shop for groceries at the local food bank which, often as not, looks a lot like this:

More and more people used to live in a house like this:

Now they are living like this:

But we don’t often see any of this because, for us, it’s beneath the surface. Our government knows it’s there…. But….

Help just doesn’t always get where it’s needed. So I’m asking you to think just a little bit about what might be beneath the surface of what you see as you go about your daily business.

Maybe you’ve got “stuff” sitting around your house that you don’t ever use. You don’t really need it, so why not give it away? Try the Freecycle.org website for your area and maybe someone who has no shoes will come and claim those old running shoes or loafers you don’t wear anymore.

And when you do go grocery shopping, maybe pick up an extra box of cereal or can of veggies or fruit for your local food bank. And don’t forget pet food. There are so many lost, abused, and hungry pets out there. Remember them, too. Maybe even think about giving a home to one of them.

You’ll be very glad you did… Way down beneath the surface – where only you can know how good it feels.

Friday, January 8, 2010

I Am Very Proud To Announce...

I have been honored by The Silver Fox with his "Thrust Home!" Award for my Theme Thursday - History post that I entitled "Because". The links here will take you to the Silver Fox's very entertaining blog and to my post that was judged worthy enough for the award.
It may sound silly or trite to be so grateful for a blog award, but I cannot emphasize enough how honored I actually am. The subject of the post that won the honor of this award was one that I feel is deeply important. It was not a toss-off for Theme Thursday (as, I will admit, some of my posts have been) but written with passion. That the Silver Fox both felt and appreciated my words mean more to me than I can say here. He wrote of my post:
AngelMay is a remarkably adept writer. My humble words cannot do justice to hers, you might say, so all I'll attempt to do here is to lead you in the right direction. She's won the TSFTHA for a post about the plight of women, both worldwide and in our so-called "enlightened" society. In lesser hands, this post could have been trite and clich├ęd... but not hers. Congratulations, AngelMay!
So I can only say to the Silver Fox, "Thank You! Thank You!" I will display this award with the pride I feel in having received it.
Now all of you - get thee to the Fox's Blog and commence enjoying yourselves while I sing and hum and smile and hug myself.

Toot! Whee! Yippee! Hooray! Yay!

Just sayin'....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Theme Thursday - Polka Dots

Pointillism is one of the first things that came to mind as I considered the subject of “Polka Dots”.

According to Wiki:

Pointillism is a
technique of painting in which small distinct dots of color create the impression of a wide selection of other colors and optical blending. Aside from color "mixing" phenomena, there is the simpler graphic phenomenon of depicted imagery emerging from disparate points.

The technique relies on the perceptive ability of the eye and mind of the viewer to mix the color spots into a fuller range of tones. It is a technique with few serious practitioners and is notably seen in the works of Seurat, Signac and Cross. The term Pointillism was first coined by art critics in the late 1880s to ridicule the works of these artists and is now used without its earlier mocking connotation.

So I offer up a couple of examples of this beautiful work. The first is by Georges Seurat and is called “Gray weather, Grande Jatte”:

The second is by Paul Signac and is really extraordinarily beautiful. It is called “Palais des Papes Avignon”:

And, finally, one of my favorites by Signac, “La Bouee Rouge”:

Actually, I think they are all extraordinarily beautiful. I hope you enjoyed.

Wednesday Police Report

I live in a little-bitty town in the Pacific Northwest. This town is SO little-bitty that we don’t get much in the way of real big crime. However, we did recently have a murder (which was sensational since it so rarely happens here) and a local farmer who went to the big city nearby and robbed a bank. Some here are, obviously, not too bright. Ahem! Anyway…

The local paper publishes both the local police and sheriff’s log each week - well, almost each week. You see… it’s a weekly paper only and sometimes they don’t report these logs. But when they do, the reports can be quite entertaining.

So without further ado….
I present to you our local police and sheriff’s logs:

*** A 10-year-old boy’s birthday party ended early when the mother phoned the police that her 54-year-old boyfriend made rude remarks to the boy.

*** A 60-year-old woman backed into a parking space without clearance and struck one unoccupied vehicle which subsequently struck another unoccupied vehicle. Damages were minor.

*** Someone stole four golf cart batteries. A 79-year-old man reported the third-degree theft.

*** Police arrested a 22-year-old after he drove a 1999 Saturn into a ditch. Officers observed that he had the odor of intoxication, but he passed all sobriety tests. While he was detained, police discovered that he had marijuana. He was arrested for negligent driving and possession of marijuana under 40 grams.

*** A male suspect wearing a red hoody reportedly stole a Christmas tree from the Safeway parking lot. The new model Honda Accord was driven by a “heavyset female”. The male got out to load up the tree. Employees yelled at the man to pay for the tree but the pair drove off.

*** Loud music was reported on the night of Dec 4. The individuals involved agreed to turn it down.

*** Police officers were dispatched to the 800 block of X Street at 10:28 p.m. on Dec. 29 after reports of possible prowlers within a residence.

Police witnessed two males, later determined to be ages 20 and 28, and a 36-year-old female with flashlights inside the house, with the lights off.

When officers knocked on the door, the two males scattered and the woman answered. The woman is the soon-to-be resident who had permission from the landlord to move in early, police confirmed. She and the males had been moving all day and were sitting in the residence with flashlights, eating and telling ghost stories.

Officers “apparently knocked at just the right time during the stories,” said the Police Sgt. “It scared the crap out of the two men.”

You CANNOT make this stuff up!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Day Dinner

(Smothered in grilled Pineapple)

Blackeyed Peas with chopped, raw onions
Collard Greens with pepper sauce
Candied Yams
Sliced Tomatoes

(Southern Cornbread baked in a Cast Iron Skillet)

Surely you jest!
As soon as it was ready, it was Katie Bar The Door!

Happy New Year!

Just wanted to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a very happy and prosperous New Year. Even those who have stopped following me for whatever reason (was it something I said?) And those who are not yet following me (is it something I didn't say?)

All kidding aside, I do wish you all the very best. I, personally, don't make New Year's resolutions because I'm the kind of person that, once a promise is made, it is kept. So I, wisely, don't promise (even to myself) things I pretty much know I won't do.

What I will do is keep on keeping on. I will continue to write (so much work goes into even the shortest of my fiction and you have NO idea how much I have appreciated those of you who have taken the time to read it and comment) and I will continue to post and I will continue to visit your blogs for all the wonderful inspiration and laughs and cries and feel-goods they have given me.

Some days my hands ache so badly that I don't do much commenting -- I just punch the mouse from here to there and enjoy your blogs. I consider myself very lucky to have found all the wonderful people out here in blogland. Imaginative, creative, funny, sad. It's all been comforting somehow.

Sometimes I click the "Next Blog" button up top - just to see what comes up. I'm sometimes pleasantly surprised.

So I lift a glass of bubbly to you all in honest thanks for your kindnesses and wit and talent - and mainly just for being yourselves.

To You!