Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Person Divided

Oh No! Whatever shall I do? Will I survive the day?
Born in Florida and a graduate of the University of Alabama, I'm a person torn on this day. It's showdown time. Throwdown time. Gridiron time. Tear down the goalposts time. (They don't do that anymore, do they? How sad.)
One good thing about this...
No matter who does what, I'll have something to cheer about. Unless, of course, they both turn out to be dufuses on this day of days -- and that often happens when the real chips hit the table. Still, here's hoping it's a good game.
I have memories of the Florida campus - I was there SO long ago as a visiting high school band member. (That part of Florida is really lovely.)
But most of all.... I miss The Bear!


tattytiara said...

Root for the underdog. They appreciate it more.

CatLadyLarew said...

Enjoy the day! Sounds like a win-win situation.

Brian Miller said...

either win...and you know, i think its going to be a great game!

AngelMay said...

Can you believe it? We lost power at halftime and missed the whole second half - except for the final 7 minutes. Dang it!

AngelMay said...

What's the matter with this crazy post editor.
Even when I put a space between paragraphs, the editor takes them all out. I had to put dashes in those spaces in order to keep the text the way I wanted it. Sheesh.

otin said...

I have been through Tuscaloosa many times. I have a lot of family over in Starkville Miss!

AngelMay said...

Best pancakes I ever had in my life I had in some little town South of Jackson, Miss.

Brian Miller said...

i guess you are happy now...right?

Baino said...

I have a one time blogger and Facebook friend from Louisianna who is a MAD Tigers fan. I mean obsessed, delirious, depressed when the season ends. I just don't get a load of heavily armoured men running at each other with a tiny misshapen ball screaming Touchdown! Ahhh . . then I don't get Rugby either . . Actually it sounds like me when it comes to World Cup Soccer. Australians are good but can't compete with the English. Being English born and a naturalised Aussie, I get the best of both worlds! Geaux Gators, I mean Alabama . . I mean . . ok I don't know what I mean. Tata!

Megan said...

And now, I might have to go to San Francisco (oh sob whine whine!) to watch USC play BC. With tickets provided by a USC grad. And I live within a mile of the USC campus.



Jessie said...

i'm not a football follower, but whoever won, you did too!

great post.

AngelMay said...

You all are cracking me up. :)