Friday, December 4, 2009

Passing It Along

My beautiful gift from Jessie is to be passed along to others and so I have compiled (in absolutely no special order) a list of worthy recipients. So if

The Silver Fox

Sandra Leigh

Skip Simpson

Alan Burnett


Colette Amelia



will please come and claim their "Friendship Bouquet", I am most proud to hand it over to them.

First, they will please claim it by copying this bouquet.

2. Post the bouquet in your blog.
3. Tell us 7 things about yourself that your readers (probably) don't know.
4. Pass the bouquet along to 7 other new bloggers.
5. Notify these bouquet recipients with a comment on their blog.
6. And just keep on being the truly likeable people you are.


Skip Simpson said...

Awww... posies! You shouldn't have! Thank you!

Skip Simpson said...

Where are the 7 things about yourself?

Brian Miller said...

some worthy friends you have there...smiles.

Baino said...

Ooh Fanks. Skip's right. C'mon now, lay 'em out on the table!

Skip Simpson said...

Baino's right! I'm not revealing MY innermost secrets unless you do!

AngelMay said...

The seven things about myself are a couple of posts below this one. Go read. :)

Megan said...

Aw, shucks. I'm such a bad blogger lately, I don't deserve it. :)

But of course I accept!

Sandra Leigh said...

Thank you so much, Angel May. But wait a minute! Aren't I supposed to be sending you a thank you gift? Something's wrong with this picture.

AngelMay said...

Sandra: You owe me nothing. I'm just grateful for your company for the short time we had. Please accept the bouquet with my love and respect.

The Silver Fox said...

Hm. How do I work this? This li'l ole Blogger-blogger crowd is so incestuous that the people I'd choose have probably already awarded this award to each other!

But then again, I love a challenge...

Thanks, friend!

AngelMay said...

Well, Foxy.... I wonder the same thing. If everyone who gets it gives it to seven other people, pretty soon everyone in the far corners of Siberia will have one -- not that that's a bad thing and I'm sure the people in the far corners of Siberia could use a bouquet or two. ;o) I know it cheered ME up.

The Silver Fox said...

Yup. Is it an award, or a chain letter? ;-) Someday I may create an award, given periodically to one whose blog -- or, more likely, a specific post -- I deem "worthy." And the recipient will be instructed to keep it for himself or herself, just knowing that he or she "done good." I'll probably call it the "Silver Fox [something-or-other]," so no one will be tempted to pass it along.

AngelMay said...

I hope to be worthy to receive it -- one day. :)

Colette Amelia said...

Awww you are so sweet! I had a very busy friend came for a couple of days then I had to rest a couple of days from all the excitement!

Thanks so much for thinking of me!

Megan said...

Oooh, The Silver Fox Award. I'll never get one. He never comments on MY blog.


The Silver Fox said...

@Megan: With my stupidly hectic schedule lately, there are a lot of blogs -- Brian's is one example, yours is another -- which I read whenever I can but don't have time to comment on. It's very hit-or-miss. If I didn't love ya, would I have sent you that rose? ;-)