Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Theme Thursday - Wild!

What is there about a Wild Thing that really does make the heart sing? No well-tended, neatly organized row of sprouting bulbs can ever bring the unspeakable joy of happening upon a scattering of impertinent wildflowers boldly popping up where they please and without a care for anything resembling order.

No canary in a cage ever evoked the breathtaking response of a wild bird in flight, with sun glinting on wing and tail, and power and determination in every stroke of wing.

And how about this sweet, wild thing I discovered just beyond my doorstep one morning in May a couple of years ago?

What man-made canal can compare with nature’s rushing streams? What orderly fountain has ever matched the beauty of a waterfall?

And what structure of man’s compares to the industry of nature or inspires whole symphonies to be written in its honor?

Of course there are a few wild things that strike terror in the heart. No one wants to encounter one of these:

And, we mustn’t forget the one wild thing that strikes absolute terror in the hearts of parents of teenage girls – at least when *I* was a teenager:

Oh wild thing! How you made MY heart sing!

Finally, there is a Wilde thing that makes my adult heart sing in more sophisticated tunes:

One of my favorites of Mr. Wilde’s quotes:

"Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much."

Thus ends my little excursion through the wild(e)s.


Brian Miller said...

i love the wild untamed wilderness...tome there is nothing like it. nice jaunt you took us on into the wild. happy tt!

Tom said...

...nothing is better than the 'wild look'.
great pictures, btw.

Sandra Leigh said...

I love it - especially the Wilde thing.

Dreamhaven said...

So wonderfully wild. Happy TT

Skip Simpson said...

I love the photos you selected! Happy Theme Thursday!

Wings said...

Another great trip through the wild, thanks!

Alan Burnett said...

What a glorious post. Thanks to TT for taking me your way.

e said...

Great photos and comments. Thanks.

Colette Amelia said...

most awesome and wild indeed! Made me heart sing!

Megan said...

Oh the little fawn just makes my heart melt. Excellent selections. Most especially The Young Brando - yum, yum!

Thanks for playing!

Baino said...

Sorry I'm late. I love that tessilated cave . . stunning. There's plenty to be wild about. I so wish we had wild dear instead of roos and rabbits.